The value of our freedom

Throughout my life, I have admired The Tribune, for upholding our freedoms, particularly freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and freedom of the press.

Sir Godfrey PLP slight a disgrace

It WAS disgraceful to listen to the PLP in the House of Assembly saying they somehow just forgot to give Sir Godfrey Kelly the honours he deserved in death. I don’t buy their apology. I think it was a deliberate slight.

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IMF to Bahamas: ‘Pre-empt’ on corporate income taxes

The Bahamas has been urged by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to “pre-empt” global tax pressures by imposing a corporate income tax designed to suit its own purposes.

Hypocrisy at best?

The current Prime Minister while in opposition spoke heavily about corruption and bigotry within the Progressive Liberal Party. In fact, he campaigned to stand and stamp out chauvinism in politics. He championed creating good governance, accountability, and transparency. He said himself that he would hold his cabinet and members of his party feet to the fire; should they cross lines they will be dealt with.

Thou shalt love thy Chinese neighbour as thyself

I would like to commend the Chinese Community Association of The Bahamas for the generous food donations to the Red Cross, which will undoubtedly go a long way toward feeding many hungry Bahamian families in Nassau.

Greed and double dipping

Last week, my friends came to visit me from the USA for a week of fun in The Bahamas.

Spare us the drivel

THE humble Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel gave the world guidance about the inaccurate retelling of history that could serve as a balm for those choking on still more hogwash from Kevin Evans.

A test of our brotherhood

I recently saw a broadcast by one of our news stations reporting on a dire situation in North Eleuthera.

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Ex-minister’s wife fined in drug fraud

A WOMAN was ordered yesterday to pay a $2,500 fine or face six months at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services for prescription fraud. Tietchka Vanderpool-Wallace, 54, was fined $500 each for attempting to commit fraud by false pretence, forgery, unlawful possession and two counts of being in possession of a forged document.

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Munroe: Drug reform a 'dishonest' agenda

ATTORNEY Wayne Munroe, QC, has accused the Minnis administration of “dishonesty” as it tackles marijuana reform, insisting the government wants to garner political support and restrict cultivators and suppliers of the the drug. On Tuesday, Prime Min

EDITORIAL: Frustration for too long - and on both sides

IT has been a long time coming – but junior doctors walked out yesterday.

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Vendors concern over Arawak plan

THE government’s plan to overhaul Arawak Cay and Junkanoo Beach was yesterday met with some concern, as vendors and operators questioned the project’s impact on businesses and timeframe — key details that were left out of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ budget contribution on Wednesday.

Projects were never meant to influence an election

I take exception to opinions proffered in the editorial appearing in the May 21, 2019 edition of The Tribune under the heading “Nothing lessens the purse strings like an election”.

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INSIGHT: Succeeding by degree - all four of them

“At the time because my mum hardly knew anyone in Nassau she went home to Dominica for family support in the last stages of her pregnancy with me. However, we returned before I was one-month-old,” recalled Frances. The need for Land Surveyors in the country in the 1950s drew Frances Armbrister’s mother and father to The Bahamas from Dominica for work.

Police raid 3

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'Majority miss out on growth'

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis conceded yesterday that only a small group of Bahamians benefit from economic growth in the country, but assured citizens the government is addressing blockages that stifle job creation and perpetuate poverty.

So what did the FNM rebels see?

Not so long ago the FNM displayed exactly what kind of prime minister we would get if self-imposed the highest Most Honourable Hubert Alexander Minnis was given the reigns of power.

Bahamian hypocrisy

THE amount of outright hypocrisy and double standards that exists in this country we call the Commonwealth of The Bahamas is truly astonishing.

Carifta medal bungle

The Holy Bible encourages us to plan intricately at Luke 14:28, 29 & 30

EDITORIAL: Corruption must be stamped out

TWO years ago then DNA leader Branville McCartney expressed amazement to Tribune Business that government MPs and their leading supporters seemed to justify corruption. It has “almost become a culture,” he complained.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Doubts and questions over Oban Energies deal

THIS week, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis finally (sort of) addressed his government’s “missteps” with respect to the Oban deal, and our Deputy PM, K Peter Turnquest assured Bahamians the country would be off the European Union’s blacklist by May “at the latest.”

Oban are on a fishing expedition

MAY I give the Prime Minister and his cabinet some free advice on trying to get a refinery built.

EDITORIAL: When the going gets tough, run for the hills

WHEN Dr Hubert A Minnis, the novice prime minister, appointed a press secretary, the news was met with a strong positive reaction from media.

EDITORIAL: Broadcasting sector on verge of collapse

DESPITE the warnings on August 4, 2004, of then Cabinet Minister Obie Wilchcombe that “while government had 50 applications for additional broadcast licences for New Providence, it would have to proceed very carefully, if at all, as the market is overcrowded.” That was 14 years ago,

Save The Bays costs 'rather generous'

ATTORNEY General Carl Bethel said yesterday the $800,000 demanded by Save The Bays for damages and legal costs related to the Supreme Court’s ruling involving former Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald is “rather generous” and will “have to be taxed down”.

PLP 'crazy' to oppose brain drain reversal

A CABINET Minister yesterday slammed the PLP’s “crazy” opposition to the Government’s bid to halt the loss of the Bahamas’ “best and brightest”.Dionisio D’Aguilar, minister of tourism, told Tribune Business that the Minnis administration was trying t

Minnis and the press

WHY did Prime Minister Minnis make the infamous comments on the press practice at the Press Association and why seemingly since then the press, member of, are very touchy?

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Many mouths of Minnis

In 2014, the former PLP administration established the parliamentary select committee to determine salary increases for MPs. Needless to say, “nobody was on dey run”. The mid-term timimg for this proposal (as that former administration’s popularity

A severe lack of critical thinking in education

I am in favour of The Bahamas helping out Dominica.

In love with the Bahamas

I recently became an ambassador in the tourism industry. The experience so far has been breathtaking.

EDITORIAL: By the weekend the truth will out

“WE RISE”, a new group claiming that it wants “something done” about “injustice, wrongful terminations and violent crime”, has announced that it will call a protest march for the Southern Recreation grounds on Saturday. As far as they are concerned the new government is moving in the wrong direction.

Brave must rebuild

In politics, as in every day life, all human beings, and some animals, are capable of shedding their known persona and putting on a facial mask. this is done in the majority of cases to attempt to conceal or hide the true characteristics and intent of the wearer at any particular time. The wearing of masks, I submit, has become a perfected art form in our wonderful nation. In local politics, those who don a mask or multiple ones often succeed in securing elective or appointive office.

Much ado about nothing

LAST week, Mr Doug Manchester, the nominated Ambassador to The Bahamas, made remarks to the USA Senate Committee vetting his selection by the Hon. President Donald J. Trump. Mr. Manchester referred to The Bahamas as ‘a protectorate’ of the United States of America. Members of the committee, as many Bahamians, were taken aback by that ‘innocent’ description. The reactions, both in the USA and here in our nation (not protectorate) were swift and almost brutal.

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Mitchell warns of tit-for-tat response to PLP arrests

IF the Free National Movement loses the next general election, National Security Minister Marvin Dames “will understand what tit-for-tat means,” Senator Fred Mitchell has said, adding the governing party is “slave shaming” the opposition Progressive Liberal Party by charging former PLP politicians in court.

Achilles hell of the PLP

An Official Opposition (PLP) member has exposed his party’s Achilles heel when expressing contempt for the newly elected Prime Minister’s national address.

Minnis becomes a true leader

Dr Hubert A Minnis (FNM-Killarney), our erstwhile Prime Minister, has transformed himself into a “real” leader right before our eyes. This is remarkable in that less than a year ago, the good doctor had been written off by many Bahamians and political pundits. I must confess that while I had endorsed him to become leader of the badly demoralized FNM back in 2012, when he appeared on my then radio talk show, REAL TALK LIVE, I too had my initial doubts that he could rise to the occasion.

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Dames tells Cash to get the facts before criticising over Greenslade

NATIONAL Security Minister Marvin Dames yesterday dismissed suggestions by former Free National Movement Chairman Darron Cash that Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade’s reported impending removal may be politically motivated, calling the claims “n

EDITORIAL: Bahamians must concentrate on rebuilding their country

WE agree with former prime minister Hubert Ingraham that elections rather than a short time in prison settles ”scores between populations and politicians.”

Cancel not privatise the carnival

Some time ago I drafted a letter to the editor to commend Bahamian musician and producer Fred Ferguson for withdrawing his support from carnival, but in the business of life, I did not finalise and send it. Recently, I saw Mr Ferguson at a funeral and was reminded of my unfinished task, hence this letter to you.

Cultural development and The Bahamas

I have read the 58-page report on Bahamas Cultural Development by the talented young Ian Poitier that is being attacked from many quarters including the present Minister of Tourism, on grounds of excessive cost – either $400,000, or “over $1m” , depending on what you read.

Yes or no on Baha Mar?

I watched Prime Minister Minnis respond to the media’s questions, in the chamber of Parliament, and honestly was shocked at how he responded to their questions - as if it was the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary, who caused the natural question anyway. Total misrepresentation.

EDITORIAL: Will The Bahamas remain for Bahamians?

“IT should not be a mystery to us what the Chinese want: it is what all powerful countries want. It’s not about interest earned on a loan or making profits from operating a hotel. They want resources for the mother land,” so writes an “Observer” on page 8 of today’s Tribune.

Bad advice for Sarkis on Baha Mar

I have no idea who are the lawyers for Sarkis Izmirlian but whoever they are it is clear, in my view, that they are giving him potentially bogus legal advice as it relates to the possible claw back of Baha Mar.

EDITORIAL: Bahamians - the future is now up to you

WE recall the colonial days when we would overhear many interesting conversations between Tribune editor Sir Etienne Dupuch and the politicians who would come to call on him at The Tribune.

EDITORIAL: Bahamians - the future is now up to you

WE recall the colonial days when we would overhear many interesting conversations between Tribune editor Sir Etienne Dupuch and the politicians who would come to call on him at The Tribune.

EDITORIAL: All eyes on Dames and Ferreira

EVERY member of the new Cabinet of The Bahamas from the Prime Minister to the most junior Minister of State faces tough times with tight budgets to manage and largely unimaginative cultures to inspire.

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A YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Why I’m proud to stand and serve Long Islanders and the FNM

Wow! It is amazing what a week makes in local politics.

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A YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: No place for political partisan ploys when the people rise up

Black Friday was a wonderful day for democracy in the Bahamas.

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Bimini crash caused when pilot tried to avoid another plane on runway

THE CRASH that killed two men last week in Bimini was caused after the pilot lost control of the aircraft while attempting to avoid hitting another plane that was taxiing on the runway, Civil Aviation officials revealed yesterday.

Dissent in the FNM ranks

Found myself in the middle of a discussion with a couple of the young Turks in the Free National Movement this week.

The vote facing The Bahamas

We already have a discrimination in our laws where residents may not gamble in the licensed casinos but that is covered and exempted by direct mention of the fact that it is discriminating.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Ducking, diving and running for cover over disclosure

Wow! What a week it was. I must say there were many ‘things’ that caught my eye in the headlines this week. Some happenings left me shaking my head in disgust, others made me laugh my butt off.

Misleading on referendum

By your medium, I wish to share my personal views on Bill No. 4, that is one of the Bills to be voted upon in the upcoming referendum. 

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A Comic’s View: Prince is dead, long live the Queen

My high school English teacher at St Andrew’s Gordon Mills (awesome teacher and even better person) had a sign on his desk “Garbage in, garbage out.”

Police trust

We will enjoy continued reductions in crime by identifying and addressing criminal  behaviour.

Over-reach by Minnis again

No matter how hard one tries to metaphorically give up Hubert Minnis for Lent, the good Doctor comes down with another case of foot-in-mouth disease.

EDITORIAL: The Tribune makes no apologies - it has done its duty

DEPUTY Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis has taken grave exception to The Tribune conducting what he has called a “shameful” smear campaign against him by publishing from affidavits of covert recordings filed in the Supreme Court last week that suggest he had a close relationship with two criminals, who were delegated to protect Canadian fashion designer Peter Nygard’s interests in the Bahamas.

Three up and one down

As a trained lawyer and a strict constitutionalist, I will campaign for and support the passage of the first three of the proposed constitutional and gender equality bills. The fourth one, as it relates to the vague definition of ‘sex’ and its snide reference to gender, is the fabled Trojan Horse.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: I’m all for equality . . . in my household

Okay, I’m entering the Gender Equality fray. Eventually I knew I was going to have to navigate this minefield of ‘political correctness’ to get my two cents in. So here we go.

Go ‘suck salt’, Fred Mitchell’s CHOGM choice tells Dominicans

“AS the Foreign Minister of this country, I was bound to support who I thought would have provided for the best interests of The Bahamas. That in my view was Baroness Scotland. She in my view has the ability to increase the complement of Bahamian and Caribbean persons at the Commonwealth in London and to ensure that the ABCs – Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand — re-engage.”

Political cowardice

It is an appalling act of cowardice that the powers that be should attempt to throw the attorney who appeared for the Crown in the habeas corpus application under the bus.

No running water in Cat Island

Man can live without food for three to five days but will die without water for one day.

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TOUGH CALL: What Bahamians are discussing on social media

SEVERAL recent posts on my Facebook page discussed topical issues and generated some interesting responses, which I share here.

NHI to fail

THE decision of the government  to push ahead with NHI is not surprising. They have a firmly established reputation of making poor and expensive decisions on behalf of the people they were elected to serve.

Time to put faith in the system

Kudos to the police who are clearly doing their job very well.

It’s time to say the necessary thing: Christie must go

I truly enjoy reading Mr Ortland Bodie’s commentaries. They are usually informative, well written and in a lot of cases give insight to meaningful issues affecting our country.

Secret to crime?

In recent political history, surprisingly the chairpersons of the two largest parties, have had a lot to say for themselves.

Authority of magistrates

Will you kindly allow space in your valuable paper for the following.

Ground down by government

I ordered 4 boxes of hanging files from Amazon. The total was $48.00. Customs duty and fees were $88.00.

How many days to November 2015?

How many days to November 2015, when this Government insists Baha Mar can be opened by?

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Junkanoo Carnival was handled disastrously

THE Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival has evolved into one of the most disgraceful shams we have seen thus far for the year.

Why we cannot afford more delays

It is safe to say that all well-thinking people would agree that approving a second telecommunications company for The Bahamas, thus bringing competition and better service and lower prices, is good for all.

What did auditor get wrong?

Would Urban Renewal Co Chair Algernon Allen please enlighten us as to what part of the “philosophy and policy” of the Small Homes Repair Programme the Auditor General fails to appreciate as it relates to those contractors who were paid, but didn’t produce, whom he, Mr Allen, intends to “pursue to the depths of hell” for non-performance.

PM Christie’s ‘to hell with them’ remark

“To look at the paper is to raise a seashell to one’s ear and to be overwhelmed by the roar of humanity,” wrote Alain de Botton, a Swiss writer, philosopher, and television presenter.

Inadequate response to human suffering in wake of cyclone

People on the east coast of the United States and the Caribbean should consider how best they might lend a helping hand to the people of the islands of Tuvalu and Vanuatu in the Pacific, whose lives have been shattered by Cyclone Pam that struck them on the night of March 13. In the case of the Caribbean islands, it is a case of “there but for fortune go I”.

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Man charged with murder, arson in connection with woman's death

A MAN was remanded to the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre yesterday after appearing in Magistrates Court to be charged in connection with the death of a woman who was found in a home burnt beyond recognition.

BAMSI fire exposes system needing investigation

“THIS is a lot deeper than y’all realise,” Audley Hanna told our reporter on Thursday when vowing to rebuild at his own expense the burned out Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute’s dormitories for which he was the contractor.

Baha Mar could be government’s undoing

THE CHRISTIE government seems to have put all of its eggs for the country’s economic recovery into Baha Mar’s large basket.

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Legislation for immigration policy tabled in Parliament

LEGISLATION to regularise the government’s new immigration policy and establish a legal framework for the Carmichael Road Detention Centre were tabled yesterday.

Condemns promotion of immodesty at carnival

ALTHOUGH the g-string clad beauties who come with the controversial Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, did not shock PLP chairman Bradley Roberts, the remarks of the eye-brow raising president of the Bahamas Christian Council certainly did.

Chinese colonialism concerns

Much as I admire the independent spirit and patriotism of your articulate young columnist Adrian Gibson, I fear that his recent column (January 15) verges on hysteria in his

Bahamians want lower rates: unionists want more pay

BAHAMIANS from all sides are crying for their electricity bills to come down. Today too many Bahamians, unable to pay their bills, are forced to go without electricity.

Political maturity

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Labour cost increase could make country 'less competitive'

Increasing the cost of labour in the country could make The Bahamas regionally “less competitive” , a private sector executive, stating that this nation must see its gross domestic product (GDP) at a rate of 5.5-6 per cent to affect unemployment levels and climb out of its current fiscal crisis.

Woman are different but equal

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Make it simple, but get it done

TODAY, government is to debate the issue as to whether gender discrimination is to be eliminated from the constitution so that Bahamian women can have the same rights as Bahamian men, especially in their family life.

Christie switched sides

EDITOR, The Tribune.

No relief for residents

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The danger behind sale of BTC

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Following the Butler tradition

EDITOR, The Tribune.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Regulation, a game changer?

ADMITTEDLY, I was pleased to see that the government decided to overlook potential electoral threats and/or the propensity to please campaigning churchmen (to lock up their church members’ votes) and instead chose to govern.

Pension has been downgraded

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Wrongdoing goes to the bone

Don’t mind the fancy clothes and flowery speech; some in the PLP are nothing more than “glorified –––––”. In fact, a suitable acronym for some of this “greasy” hand crew should be: Promises, Lies, Pillage.

Bahamas shoots itself in its financial foot

THE BAHAMAS has “all the ingredients to become a world class international financial centre”, but needs to get its message out.