Do you think the new Ministry of Disaster Preparedness, Management and Reconstruction will help the Bahamas to effectively prepare for severe storms in the future?

Yes 50 votes


No 89 votes


139 total votes


ThisIsOurs 3 years, 8 months ago

It would be a good idea if executed as stated, but we know what will happen. Just as we knew 2 months after election that the new administration was unprepared to govern the country. We had Irma and Joaquin. we weren't even prepared for those lessons learned.

The ministry will suffer from the same ills as every other ministry. Constant political interference and it will be stuffed to the rafters with constituents unqualified for the tasks assigned. The criteria for every senior post will be FNM supporter. The PM.will have to approve the hires. Then the PLP will come in and switch everybody with their supporters. The budget will grow exponentially every 5 years and noone will be able to account for what was had for the cost. In 10 years the new narrative will be 1000 people depend on these jobs we need this ministry. And so passes the grand idea for the new ministry


joeblow 3 years, 8 months ago

Why appoint a person who has no disaster management training or experience to head a disaster management organization? Isn't this the kind of incompetence that has us in the mess we are in right now?


The_Oracle 3 years, 8 months ago

Above are both correct, Current NEMA heads are clueless to the processes proven and developed in Francis, Jean, Wilma, Matthew, remembered and improved by the private sector, which has to reiterate to current Government Place holders. (I exclude Joaquin as I did not experience it or aftermath) I met a Government Tortoise today, not gonna say which dept. Told him what I was there to get, how to produce it, and his head sucked into his shell and refused to come out. Paralytic. Amenable enough but his mental hard drive crashed. the 5 year cycle strikes again. Things are getting done but could've been 5 times faster and smoother in my experienced opinion.


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