MP Andre Rollins has suggested Bahamians should pay a $200 fee to gamble in local casinos. What do you think?

Bahamians should pay a $200 fee 5 votes


Bahamians should pay a fee, but less than $200 6 votes


Bahamians should not have to pay any fee 73 votes


Bahamians should not be allowed to gamble in casinos 25 votes


109 total votes


Required 9 years, 3 months ago

Hang on... weren't we recently told we wouldn't be allowed to gamble because all this money leaving the country due to the casinos being foreign-owned would endanger the parity with the US dollar... and now they want an additional $200 per Bahamian gambler to leave the country?

Or is the government going to collect this $200... In which case, I suggest we call it the "Equal Rights Tax"!


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