Ms. Desiree Shaneiq Russell, 33 and Little Ms. Destinique Azaria Wilson, 10

unknown - unknown

both from Lowe Sound, North Andros, The
Bahamas, died on Wednesday, 17th January, 2018.

Desiree is survived by her Mother: Rebecca Moss; Father: Mike Russell; Adopted Father: Shive Newbold; Four Children: Dominique
Evans, Raymond Morley, Deon and Alvarez
Wilson; five Sisters, four brothers, 17 aunts,
10 uncles.

Destinique is survived by her Father: Alvarez Deon Wilson; Grand-Mothers: Rebecca Moss & Eleanor Woodside; Great-Grand Mother: Rosa Wilson; Grand-Father: Mike Russell; Adopted Grand-Father: Shive Newbold; Siblings: Dominique
Evans, Raymond Morley, Deon, Alvarez,
Deondre’ and Dedrick Wilson; seven aunts, eight uncles.

Both mother and daughter, survivors include a host of other relatives and friends to numerous to mention, and their extended family the fine community of Lowe Sound, North Andros.

A memorial service will be held, the details will be announced at a later date.