Johnny Otis Williams

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Funeral Service for the late Johnny Otis Williams was held on Friday January 5th, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. at The Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Cremation was held.

Johnny Otis Williams was born May 8, 1937 on the island of Acklins to Johnny Williams & Muriel Emmanuel until he moved to Nassau in the 40’s.  He was very industrious as a child, shining shoes, selling peanuts & newspapers, so much so that he paid for his own private schooling and took care of his sister & mother. He grew up and was very well travelled,  eventually earning a degree in engineering, living in New York for a few years and spending some time in Europe where he picked up his british accent; anyone who knew him well may have met, “British Otis”. He became a world champion body-builder, and also achieved medals in martial arts. 
On his return to Nassau he began to studying the bible with Jehovahs’s Witnesses and later dedicated his life to serve Jehovah symbolizing this by water baptism. He actively shared with others the bible truth about an eternal on a paradise earth. Soon thereafter he met Estelle Williams whom he married in 2011. In 2016 though, his health began to decline due to excessive strain on his back in his younger years. Early this year he lost his mobility and required full time care. While he showed no signs of any internal ailments he was taken to Princess Margaret Hospital on the 22nd of December with trouble breathing, and unfortunately at 5:20pm Johnny Otis Williams died peacefully. 

He is survived by his wife Clementina Estelle Williams, four sons Roger, Alexander, Warren & Barry Williams. Three daughters Carrol Bethel, Kayla Neely, Donna & Natalie Williams. Two siblings James Colebrooke & Mildred Sands; many Grandchildren including Mercedes, Montel, Shawn, and Alexander Jr; numerous neices and nephews including Muriel Anderson-Farrington, Charmaine, Anastasia & Kathy Johnson. Leah, Curtez, & Eloise Anderson, Jeanette Francis, Roslyn & Gregory Anderson, Sarah, Yiremyah, & Mikayah Johnson. Amreek Hector, Chambrelle Rolle Montel Williams, Emarnia, Alvin, Lita, Stella, Aaron, Carl, Emmanuel and others; many cousins including Terecita Miller, Leona Paul, Miriam Clarke, Louise Emmanuel and many others; family and friends include;Hazel Darville, Shawn Neely, Shawn Bethel, Gretta & Jerry Meadows, Betty Rahming, Marvin & Rhonda Arthur, Eugene & Albertha Brice and Family, Edwin & Shantel Ferguson , Glenroy & Sandra Ferguson, Raphael & Dagmar Johnson, Fitzroy & Georgina Antoine and Family, Cecil Fox, Tyrone & Sandralee Moss, Marjorie Davis,  Sharon Mckinney and Family, Shonlee Cartwright, Arementha Curry, Michelle Johnson, Randolph & Shantel Rolle and Family, Matt & Ruby Sweeting, Princess Pinnoch and Family, Jesse Bethel & Family, Mettie Albury & Family, Belin Daniels, Holly Dean & Family, Steven Bain & Family, Marion Brown, Ernestine Miller & Family, Joanne Higgs, Yen Newton and Family, The Outten Family, Clinton & Chanelle Forbes & Family. Eddie, Godfrey, Keith, & Gary Higgs. Beverly Lewis, Crystal & Gary Sweeting, Leona Turner & Family, Stacia, Alkanah, Lindy, & Wesley. Dolly Cox, Alsaida Hudson, Holston Bain and Family, Anthony Green and Family. Felicia, Marcus & Sherise Higgs, Rico Bethel and Rico Higgs, Marcus & Lucas Higgs, Antoine & Antonell Higgs, Beverly Turnquest & Shenique Higgs. Shalexis Newbold and Shante Higgs. Shawn Newbold, Shacoeya Bethell, Roy Farrington, Allen Francis, Thelma Russell, Dr. Euguene Gray, Kimberly, Basil & Judy Humes & Family. The congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses in The Bahamas especially those of Soldier Road and Central.