Mekenese Poliard

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Funeral Service for the late:
Mekenese Poliard

Age: 19years
A Resident of Sunshine Park Nassau N.P. Bahamas
Will be held on: Saturday May 28th, 2016 at 1:00pm At: Metropolitan Church of the Nazarene, East Street and Bahama Avenue. Officiating will be: Reverend Pastor Nelson Pierre Assisted By: Other Ministers of the Gospel. Interment will follow at the Old Trail Cemetery, Soldier and Abundant Life Roads

His precious memories will forever live on in the hearts of his Mother: Anette Blanc Poliard; Father: Deleste Poliard; GrandMothers: Loulouse Elge, Flerisia Joseph; Grandfathers: Melest Poliard ( Pre-Deceased), Ales Blanc (Pre-Deceased); Sister: Louise Dafnie Poliard; Brothers: Sterph Poliard, Denilson Poliard, Rejunarl Poliard; Adopted Brother: Nono Senosier Poliard; Godchildren: Vanessa “Niyah” Pierre, Fara; Godmothers: Isemene Raymonvil, Anette Versane; GodFathers: George Monestine, Jerry Luben; Uncles: Joseph Poliard, Wedne Poliard, Dumercy Poliard, Avenet Poliard, Lucdonet Poliard, Lavanet Poliard, Johnson Poliard, Kenster Poliard, Ene Poliard, Karl-Henry Blanc, Nesly Blanc, Marc- Aliance Blanc, Tiales Blanc, Benoir Blanc, Chrisian Blanc, Solon Blanc, Trankil Blanc, Albert Blanc, Alise Blanc, Aliance Blanc, Cedrole Syphillis; Great Uncles: Frimance Elge, Merigeuse Elge, Celine Elge, Lumanes Elge, Abraham Blanc, Ilere Alvery, Larisnet Poliard, Michle Poliard, Larvo Poliard, Iler Poliard, Gilbert Poliard, Dumerville Poliard, Louis Poliard; Aunts: Ferna Mauras, Alerte Blanc, Polone Blanc, Alicia Blanc, Mariesarette Blanc, Sumorne Blanc, Mamona Blanc, Charite Blanc, Mrs. Seleson Vixsama Blanc, Merita Blanc, Limena Blanc, Clautide Blanc, Alina Blanc, M. Tifene, Kensta Poliard, Jocelme Poliard, Elsia Poliard, Loudell Poliard, Elda Poliard, Ariette Poliard, Melose Poliard, Clatide Blanc; Grand Aunts: Anisette Elge, Fermina Elge, Odertte Elge, Merina Elge, Mrs. Ellison Remonville, Lanette Poliard, Larilla Poliard, Mrs. Sony Poliard, Anna Poliard, Remersil Poliard, Mersela Poliard, Jeslene Poliard, Aveli Joseph, Jertta Joseph, Dergras Joseph; Cousins: Yorline Rolle, Shewell St Fleur, Matin Blanc, Charline Blanc, Evena Rosemond, St. Tonya Duprena, Molme Delmond, Mona Rena, Nishka Rene, Mona Versane, Myline Guilhaune, Juliette Sinsurin, Mayloude Joseph, Isabelle Pierre, Dana Poliard, Diane Poliard, Aaliyah Poliard, Bianca Poliard, Brianna Poliard, Irema Poliard, Esnidone Poliard, Olivia Monestime, Shelly Monestime, Erica Poliard, Stefanie Poliard, Sara Poliard, Niesa Poliard, Leina Poliard, Sonia Poliard, Claudia Poliard, Jilbert Poliard, Cherlne Poliard, Yvrose Poliard, Malerne Poliard, Anatachia Celestin, Alvenise Joseph, Idiana Remonville, Linda Remonville, Georgina Remonville, Jonnica Remonville, Olivia Monestime, Natasha Timote, Loretta Blanc, Lorette Blanc, Elmirenta Blanc, Rechenara Blanc, Widline Blanc, Liseberta Duga, Kendia Renorle, Milerne Jean-Francois, Achelyne Gelin, Rachelle Gelin, Lougina Blanc, Eldma Exalien, Loulone Exalien, Telsina Nelson, Silyana Exalien, Roucha Blanc, Lumorne Nelson, Lutide Nelson, Dafna Blanc, Dafnica Blanc, Felista Blanc, Elrose Blanc, Cedrica Syphillis, Andrica Syphillis, Bermose Blanc, Mosline Blanc, Vernette Blanc, Kassandra Blanc, Florane Blanc, Ninot Blanc, Pascal Nelson, Ermanize Blanc, Asmen Blanc, Adlne Blanc, Erneze Blanc, Amseze Blanc, Louisna Blanc, Marcloran Blanc, Evenson Blanc, John Blanc, Bestlet Blanc, Benson Blanc, Benes Blanc, Bedlet Blanc, Bercy Blanc, Darile Gatou, Derek Gatou, Kenson Remy, Mario Alsinord, Moise Rena, Wilfrid Teliusma, Kendall, Marvine Rena, Alvin Elge, Cedie Syphillis, Obie Pierre, Lexus Pierre, Alvine Versane, Benson Versane, Luchiano Versane, Leonardo Versane, Ivenson Poliard, Devencly Poliard, Kensly Poliard, Marcardenst Poliard, Lovensky Poliard, Anely Poliard, Sonel Poliard, Wilfrid Poliard, Louis Poliard, Kenly Joseph, Kendall Joseph, Evenet Poliard, Evinse Monestime, Ilise Monestime, Boby Timote, Jordan Remonville, Watson Exalien, Andell Nelson, Widell Nelson, Wilky Elge, Bermane Joseph, Alrery Poliard, Kenson Alrery, Roubin Dorville, Markenly Versane, Dorvin Versane, Odrick Charles, Jemmerson Charles, Johnny Poliard, Macner Cineya, Rodrick Charles, Winson Claude; Other Relatives and Friends: Pastor St. Juste Joseph & Family, Renette Jean & Family, Doleur Jerome, Magarette Joseph, Kenny Metille, Wilnet Antoine & Family, Willy Cadet & Family, Edmond Turene, Magrette Joseph& Family, Terell Rolle, Mario Louis& Family, Adtain Thompson, Erilet Victor & Family, Louis-Pierre Demostenne, Sane Pierre-Louis& Family, People Assembly Church Family, Rio Gelm & Family, Christine Julmis & Family, Esther Duvisien & and Family, Edelfi Toto & Family, Ms. Lovelance & Family, Gerlm & Family, Roselne & Family, Daniel Louis & Family, Kedesha Rene & Family, Katlie Etienne & Family, Salnav Blanc & Family, Wilfrid Elge & Family, Zbc Family, The Class of C.C. Sweeting O' 14 Family, Shantell Knowles & Family, Larmeci Tanelus & Family, Angler & Family, The Bacardi Family, The Grove Family, The Petithomme Family, Katlie Carlieux & Family, The Foxhill Family, The Fedrick Family, Emelda Monsier & Family, Vanessa Alexis & Family, Jeanrobe Himber & Family, Delrose & Family, Calven & Family, Markandre & Family, Elisma & Family, Ednere & Family, Mersely Fedrick & Family, Madam Kisner & Family, Karline Metile & Family, Mervelien Blanc & Family, Sony & Family, Fejini & Family, Marlene & Family, Melina & Family, Ginette & Family, Fritzne & Family, Olange & Family, Rosanna Etienne & Family, Shanika & Shanide, Alisnor & Family, Steven & Family, Delina & Family, Lucnere Clerima & Family, Marc Andre & Family, Bertony Jean Noel Family, Kisler Louis, The Blanc Family, The Poliard Family.

Relatives and Friends may pay their last respects at Rest On Funeral Chapel Limited, Kenwood Street & Mount Royal Avenue on Friday from 10:00am to 5:00 pm and on Saturday at the church from 12:00 pm until service time.