James Michael Gale Bowe

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Funeral Service for the Late James Michael Gale Bowe, age 68 years of Christie Street, off Shirley Street, will be held on Saturday May 24th, 2014, 10:00 a.m. at St. Georges Anglican Church, Montrose Avenue. Rev’d. Fr. Timothy Eldon assisted by Fr. Dwight M. Bowe will officiate.

He left behind fond memories for his family and friends including his: Sisters: Helen Butler, Sonia Dames, Janeen McCartney and Antoinette Bowe; Brothers: Leonard Maxwell II (L.M.) and Colin Bowe; Aunts: Eudean Haynes, Corrinne Fountain, Joan McKay, Visna Mackay, Stephanie Bowe and Kwanza Bowe; Uncles: F. Nigel Bowe and Kenneth Bowe; and Charles Mackay; Brothers-in-law: Charles McCartney and Maxwell Butler Sr.; Sisters-in-law: Pamela Watts-Bowe and Bloneva Bowe; Nephews and Nieces: Stuart Bowe, Camille Harrison, Angela Munnings, Raymond, Louis Roscoe II, Michael and Jillian Dames; Yvette Sands, Scott W.D., Stephen (Toronto, Canada), Erik (Freeport), Gowon and Nadia S.N. Bowe, Corin McCartney, Sidney II, Anya and Alexis Sawyer; Kerry and Terrence Fountain; Nicolette Archer, Ross, Anthony, Maxwell Jr., Brent, Stacey, Trevor and Lillith Butler; families of the late Simeon and Anis Bowe, and Zelma Roberts; Caregivers: Grace Pusey and Nettie. Other relatives and friends including: All descendants of the late James Maxwell ‘Max’ Mitchell Bowe of the Forest, Exuma; families of the late Doris Lightbourne; Maud Newbold, Henry Lightbourne, Kermit Gibson and Agnes Archer, Brian Gibson, Sandra Gibson-Deveaux, Jennifer Gibson-Ingraham, Dr. Adrian Sawyer, John Gordon and family, Norma Gordon and family, Herbert Franklin (New York), James ‘Ju’, Neil and Felix Bowe; Peter Bowe and family; Bishop Rudolph Bowe and family; Father Dwight Bowe and family; Athama Bowe and family; Louis R. Dames I and family; Ruth Millar, Patricia and Ronald Thomas, Mrs. Gertrude and Ms. Julia Burnside and family; Mr. Colin Miller and family; Hon. Sen. Frank Smith, Hawk Finlayson and family; Linda and Cleveland Sawyer, Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Darville, Andrew and Jan Newlands (Turks and Caicos); Elsa McKenzie and family; the Lightbourne, Styles, Bartlett and Algreen families; Luana Rolle and family, EMS Personnel, Male Medical I & II, Doctors and Nurses of A&E, the Medical Records Department, PMH; the communities of Canaan Lane, Dog Flea Alley, Hawkins Hill, Shirley and Dowdswell Streets.