Cathrin Evon Burrows

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Memorial Service for Pastor Cathrin Evon Burrows aged 53 of #8 Bird Road, Sunset Park, will be held (TODAY) Thursday, 22nd May, 2014, at 7:30 p.m., at Outreach Evangelic Church, Redland Acres, off Soldier Road.

Funeral service for the late Pastor Cathrin Evon Burrows aged 53, of #8 Bird Road, Sunset Park, who died on 5th May, 2014, will be held on Saturday, 24th May, 2014, at 10:00 a.m., at Southland Cathedral Church of God, Soldier Road. Officiating will be Pastor Monica Paul, assisted by Apostle Lennie Etienne. Interment follows in Woodlawn Gardens Cemetery, Soldier Road. Left to cherish memories are; Her Loving Devoted Children: Catrina, Leon, Daniel, Daran, Athalia and Demetrius Burrows, Monalisa Sawyer, Candice Edgecombe and Christina Kemp; One adopted Son: Prisineo Marshall; Sister and Brothers: Louise Bethel, Daniel and Judy Robinson of Chicago, George and Florence Robinson of Freeport; One Daughter-in-law: Lavonia Burrows; Grandchildren: Leanne and Ledrae Burrows, Randy Sawyer Jr., Zhen Thompson, Levantae and Curtis Edgecombe Jr., Jamari and Jamal Kemp Jr., and Caiden Bain; Nieces and Nephews including: Curtis and Leviticus Edgecombe of Abaco, Natasha, Dan, Nikki, Daran of Chicago Illinois, Gregory Robinson Jr., Rhonda Murphy, Andrea Hall, Antonio, Ashton and Gizelle Pinder, Deon and Marliea Pinder, Alsene and David Forbes, Monique Delancy, Daryl, Mario, Angelo, Latoya, Georgette, Destin of Freeport, Grand Bahama, Deidre Edgecombe, Jamal Kemp, Lenora, Laval, Valdez, Cordero, Samuel, Lenthius, Oralnique, and Marvin Burrows, Nathalie Stubbs, Shaquille, Kevin and Kelson Burrows and many other nieces and nephews; Other Relatives & Friends including: The Outreach Evangelic Church Family, Vandesha & Jeffery Morley and Family, Katherine & Kathia Sweeting and Family, Alice Harvey and Family of Turks & Caicos, Iva Smith of West Palm Beach, Sandin and William Smith, Sandra Mae Curry, Rev. Rudolph Roberts and Mother Roberts and The Whole man Christian Center of Freeport, Grand Bahama, Tellis and Melinda Symonette, Laverne Rolle, Apostle Lennie Etienne and the Fishers of Men Assembly International Family of Abaco, Shane Archer and Family, Evelyn Archer and Family, Shawn Francis of Abaco, Augustine Williams and Family, Annella Adderley of Abaco, Pastor Earline and Joan Baillou and The Rehoboth Church Family of Abaco; In-Laws: Lloyd & Valderine Burrows and Family, Elder Oral & Berylean Burrows and Family, Bishop Goliath & Joyce Burrows and Family, Bishop Christopher & Elease Burrows and family, Cory & Rose Burrows and Family, Esley & Barbara Burrows and Family, Alvin and Barbara Burrows, Paula Rolle-Mitchell and Family, Linda Mortimer and Family, Glen Burrows and Family, Lenwood Burrows and Family, Lee & Glenda Burrows and Family, Harriet Gibson and Family; Friends including: Elder Eric & Maria Rolle and Family, Gardenia Saunders and Family, Barbara Meadows and Family, Pastor Monica Paul and The Revelation Church of Jesus Christ. Apostle Zephaniah Newbold and The Revelation Church of Jesus #2, Apostle CJ Miller and Miracle Deliverance Outreach Ministry Family, Apostle JB Sands and The MRF Church Family, Apostle Quebell Martin and Miracle Working Church of God Family, Pastor Kevin Collie and Temple of Praise Church Family, Rev. Betty Hanna and New Beginning Jubilee Baptist Church Family, Bishop Christopher Minnis and Greater Bethel Cathedral Church Family, Apostle Valentino Williams and Life Changers International Church Family, Apostle Phalmon Ferguson and United Faith Ministries Family, Pastor Pedro and Family, Pastor Arthur and Dellarese Charlton and Mount Vernon Baptist Church Family, Ms. Annie Bowe and Family, Mr. & Mrs. McPhee and family, Mr. & Mrs. Bunch and family, Pastor Carlton & Genesta Stuart and Family, Patrick & Denise Moss and family, Pastor Dennis Lafrenier and Greater Chippingham Church of God Family, Rev. Pascale Saunders, Rev. Eileen Johnson, Bishop Deon & Ruthmae Mott and Lighthouse Apostolic Church Family, Pastor Paul & Helen McPhee and Carmichael Baptist Church Family, Pastor Daphne Hamilton and Rev. Helena Smith and Behealed Revival Time Family, Bishop Franklin & Ruthmae Burrows and Gospel Truth Tabernacle Family, Bishop George Barr and Faith Triumphant Church Family, Pastor Roy & Karen Burrows and Vision of Hope Church Family, Pastor Loreen Russell and Love Worth Finding Ministries Family, Pastor Rodger Williams and Fresh Fire Ministries Family, Rev. & Mother Small and family, Thelma Mclean of Jamaica, Kenisha Lewis, Pastor A & Mother Lewis of Abaco, Gardenia Saunders and Family, Pastor Helen Scott and Whosoever Church Family of Andros, Pastor Catherine Chisholm and Good News Ministry Family, Pastor Pedro Cartwright and Breakthrough Family, Hope-Will Community Church Family and many others. Your Memories will forever linger in our hearts!!Those not mention by name was not by any means forgotten. We love and appreciate your support in this our time of sorrow. Relatives and friends may pay their last respects at Newbold Brothers Chapel, Palmetto Avenue & Acklins Street, off Market and East Streets, on Friday from 10:00 a.m., until 5:00 p.m., then, on Saturday at the church from 9:00 a.m., until service time.