Letters to the Editor


It's never too late to do the right thing, Dr Minnis

While listening to the Prime Minister’s address, I was very pleased to hear from his own lips that the web shops are NOT able to restart business under the curbside pickup or home delivery rules, although I’m sure they’ll leave no stone unturned searching for other ways around this edict.

In politics, we are mere actors on the stage

It is ironic that on today’s date, a Sunday and Mother’s Day coupled with the third year of the FNM in power, the sky is overcast and it looks like a shower will fall down later. We all know that when it rains the crabs start to walk. The masses of the Bahamian people have woken up from what turned out to be a long and unexpected nightmare.

End of Sands no bad thing

A sure sign that it’s time for a Prime Minister to shuffle his cabinet is when individual ministers delude themselves into believing that they have a lock on a particular ministry.

Sad to see numbers shops reopening

I was very disappointed with the Prime Minister‘s decision to reopen the numbers web shops.

Should Dr Sands have got the job in the first place?

Dr Duane Sands (FNM-Elizabeth) has been obliged to pick up his marbles and to demit office as Minister of Health. Years ago, I held a brief for him and a few other then candidates.

Set a plan in motion

The time is upon us to rise up from this state of paralysis caused by the Covid 19 pandemic and set a plan of action in motion to restore the health of the economy of our glorious Bahamas. Here are some ideas the government should consider:

Saddened to see Dr Sands resign

Kindly allow me space in your valuable paper to express my opinion on learning about the resignation of Dr Duane Sands, the Honourable Minister of Health.

We shouldn't allow long line fishing

Why are we discussing long line fishing in 2020?

Banks shouldn't impose such onerus rules

As we enter the second month of curfew and lockdown due to COVID-19, I am led to put pen to paper once again to highlight the banking institutions in this country that continue to hold us, their customers, hostage by imposing onerous rules, fees and processes that discourage and frustrate us, private and corporate customers alike, as opposed to making ‘the ease of doing business’ a reality!

We must find ways for people to get water during curfew

The Tribune of April, 28 2020 carried a story under the headline, “Man Fined $500 for Helping Out His Great Grandfather”.

Can Bahamians drink and behave responsibly?

Your editorial yesterday April 29 was interesting beyond Minister Dames’ lack of transparency.

Let your light shine

COVID-19 is a new coronavirus that has spawned a global health crisis and economic collapse. In order to survive, move forward and thrive we must unleash the creativity and resilience of the Bahamian people. Let us work together to stop the virus and rebuild The Bahamas.

We must innovate

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat” – Steve Jobs.

Watching Moultrie assassinate democracy

The Bahamas and indeed the world watched in horror while the inept speaker of the House of Assembly of the Bahamas, Halston Moultrie scuttled what we know to be the Halls of Parliament, where laws are made in the best interest of all Bahamians.

Who knows where the future will take us . . .

I was saddened to read in The Tribune the article about a newly emergent marine epidemic that in the past five months has spread rapidly over 20 percent of the coral reefs in Grand Bahama’s national parks. Apparently, there is no cure.