Letters to the Editor


Tit-for-tat over FTX

Greetings. And thank you for the space in your daily publication to proffer up these several points Of view.

Cruise deal strikes nerve

The Minister of Education gave her opinion on the pending cruise deal and it seems to have struck a nerve, especially with the politically active. Is it what she said or how she said it? Some are saying that it is more about the time that she chose to say it, however, this is a view she has always held.

Ed Bethel

And then there were three. On Monday, March 13, the media profession in The Bahamas lost a giant of a journalist and broadcaster, Mr Ed Bethel.

Concerns over Royal Caribbean beach club

THE following is an open letter from Eric Carey, former executive director of The Bahamas National Trust (BNT), a non-profit, non-government, membership organisation focused on conserving and protecting the Bahamian environment. Mr Carey now leads ONE Consultants, an independent environmental consultancy that has been engaged by Atlantis to review the environmental impact of the proposed Royal Caribbean beach club project.

Promiscuity is to be lauded?

I was hoping not to get mired publicly in this issue, but the more I watch the revolution and revocation of forbidden sexual attraction and practices, the more I begin to question the philosophical, familial and societal implication of the alphabet agenda community.

Corporal punishment

The Tribune reported on March 15 that one of the students of the Bimini Primary School who was “violently” spanked by a police officer is too traumatised to go back to school.

Happy St Patrick’s Day

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day andIt’s Saint Patrick’s Day and Everyone is Irish today

Economist is wrong - again

FOR those of us who are accustomed to Caribbean economist Marla Dukharan’s frequently off-base and usually disproved observations about the nature and prospects of the Bahamian economy, her comments at Tuesday’s RF Economic Outlook were of little surprise.

‘Good morning, I’m Ed Bethel’

“Silence! Silence? In this house”,

Stop child sex abuse

Across generations in this country, children have carried the weight of sexual abuse often by themselves.

Living up to nation’s Constitution

Greetings and thank you for the space in your publication to unveil the following events of concern to The Bahamian people, I appreciate it.

New jobs needed for a new world

The country’s social and economic progress has mainly been propelled thanks to the tourism and hospitality sector.

Off limits to Bahamians

I would like to add my voice to those of Joseph Darville, Claude B Hanna and Audry Oswell over the appalling decision by our Prime Minister to permit RCI to develop the western end of Paradise Island.

Approval of Royal Caribbean’s proposal

KINDLY permit me the opportunity to publicly express my views on the recent decision by the gov- ernment to give approval to Royal Caribbean Interna- tional (RCI) to develop its privatevacationenclaveon Paradise Island.

PI is back to being ‘hog island’

THIS is an open letter to the Right Honourable Prime Minister Philip Davis, the members of his Cabinet, all current MPs and aspiring politicians in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.