Letters to the Editor


What is the govt strategy?

We are in a complete crisis and this all across the world. Thousands of Bahamians are struggling daily, our economy is falling apart, jobs are at its lowest, and the virus at its highest.

The role of religion

The first thing to understand is a lot of religious leaders whilst being competent in theological matters are not necessarily well educated in other fields. Good orators, yes, and like magicians able to hold an audience’s attention but not intellectual powerhouses. There have been two issues in the last few days which highlight this.

Road Traffic backlog

The Ministry of Transport’s plan to reactivate the West Bay Street car-licensing facility is good news, but doesn’t go far enough.

Beware the paid vote

In our system of government, multiple functions and powers of the different branches are often vested in a single individual.

What about rehabilitation?

I’ve not met anyone who opposes the government’s decision to expunge the criminal record of persons convicted of possessing small amounts of marijuana. Why? It is the right thing to do.

Lockdowns not the answer

I travelled to the United States in July when the borders first opened, and was in three different cities. I also went again in September this time travelling from different states. Although there is a pandemic, what I realised was that persons were working as normal, but the set ups were different. In fact, clothing stores, malls, food stores, restaurants and bars, etc. were all opened and not just to curbside services, but also indoor services too.

Comments by Bishop Ellis

I consider Bishop Neil C Ellis to be a spiritual giant in the Bahamian Christian community who is considered a spiritual father to many young clergymen. With a membership in the thousands coupled with an international reach that extends throughout the United States of America and the Caribbean, if there’s one Bahamian preacher of the gospel one would think would have the listening ear of the Free National Movement (FNM) administration and Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, it would be Ellis.

COVID-19 approach

The whole idea of public health is predicated upon knowledge. Knowledge based on years of medical understanding. Knowledge of a pandemic. Knowledge of how and who to test, to quarantining, to isolation and lock downs, all of it is knowledge driven. That is why I am absolutely confused and angered by the stance taken by this government’s COVID Surveillance Unit.

Lyford Cay value open to question

It would be interesting to see an explanation of the analysis supporting the claims in your article headed “Lyford Cay Wages Equal $3k to All Nassau Families” (Business Section, October 23rd).

End WSC experiment

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip “Brave” Davis made a valid argument when he chastised the Free National Movement (FNM) government over Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) Chair Adrian Gibson’s request to resume WSC’s disconnection exercise during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Gibson’s claim that private customers collectively owe the corporation $9m pales in comparison to the alleged $80m owed by state-run agencies, as per Davis.

LETTER: We care

We are living in uncertain times. For many the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer visible. A lack of planning infused with a massive dose of corruption has led to the destruction of the moral fabric and economy of The Bahamas. Fortunately there are people who genuinely care about The Bahamas and they are speaking up and being proactive to protect the country.

LETTER: ZNS unmasked

Why are reporters at ZNS interviewing people who are not wearing face masks? Could this be one of the reasons the station keeps shutting down with COVID-19 issues?

Importance of US vote

US election and Russia – Russia is again actively participating in the spread of disinformation in an attempt to get Trump re-elected.

Time to build new hospital

With COVID 19 spreading like wildfire in The Bahamas, the Bahamian people are now finally focusing on the facilities at the Princess Margaret Hospital. They say it’s too small, it isn’t efficient, and a new one should be built.

Front Porch eating crow

The individual or individuals behind the pseudonym, Front Porch, now a weekly columnist for The Tribune, are paragons of Bahamian left-wing liberalism.