Letters to the Editor


The Great Cabinet Shuffle

In worldwide politics it has always been fashionable to ‘blame’ the outgoing administration for the apparent political failures and omissions of good governance. When a current administration shuffles cabinet posts and individuals the opposing party will cry wolf and suggest that such changes reflect lipstick being applied to a pig.

Electric vehicles

Under the Minnis Government reduction of Customs Duties was applied to a purchase of an electric vehicle... the Davis Government I recall reduced VAT and Duty, might be wrong, but to me at a time when the Treasury needs every dime why are we giving these concessionary exemptions and incurring loss of revenue?

A foot-soldier for the truth

Firstly let me say that I carry no water for any government.

Act like a developed country

The World Bank classifies The Bahamas as a “high income, developed country”, while the International Monetary Fund places our nominal wealth per capita as slightly higher than that of Japan. We have, in our independent history, never been a “middle income” country or even close.

Don’t miss others out

Western District RBPF Command entertain elderly from their area … sorry Commander seems you or your organising Officers don’t know who reside in your area.

50 years and people still suffer

Throughout history changes of every Government in the world in elections was because of the economy the citizens were facing - economic hardship struggling to buy homes, cars, pay rent, electric bill, water bill, private school fees and groceries for their families.

Garbage in, garbage out

Wasn’t it Shakespeare that used the phase ‘much ado about nothing’? Much of the public comments these days fall in that context from the politician and picked up by the journalist and they simply repeat with zero analysis or rationale comment...garbage in garbage out!

Our reality

There are two issues which stand out as having the very real potential of destroying our entire way of life, our standard of living and our national security in The Bahamas in the very near future. I postulate a conservative estimate of the very near future being five-15 years time.

Needed: Ministry of Good Sense

Blind Blake sang the eulogy; “Run Come See Jerusalem”, in memory of the more than one hundred souls who perished at sea during the great 1929 Hurricane.

Icon Paul Hanna will be missed

Paul Hanna. Icon. Legend. With his passing, a curtain fell on a golden age of Bahamian musical excellence. With a career that spanned six decades, he was the last of an era of Bahamian greatness. With every virtuoso performance, we were witness to history. A giant walked among us.

Bostwick first woman acting PM, not Pratt

First, let me congratulate her Excellency Cynthia Alexandria Pratt for her rise to the highest office in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Secondly, I want to draw the public’s attention to the assertion that was made in the media that she was the first female acting Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas in 2002.

NPO’s vital role in storm resilience

In the wake of the fourth anniversary of the devastation brought by Hurricane Dorian, and in light of the ongoing recent surge in tropical storms in the Atlantic, The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) feels it is crucial to acknowledge the pivotal and enhanced role that can be played by robust and sustainable local non-profit organizations (NPOs) in building the resilience and capacity of our citizens and communities.

Respect for our soldiers

Not too long ago we all would have been made aware via announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the Government of The Bahamas has pledged a 150 personnel contingent to a multinational force (spearheaded by Kenya) with the goal of stabilising Haiti and ending the ongoing crisis there.

Govt arrears

So Government has tax arrears of $864 million plus or for every year since Independence unpaid Tax arrears has been $17.5 million and continues.

Road repairs

I saw a letter to the Editor on the dislevel and repair of the Lyford Road right before the shopping centre passed there boy that’s bumpy… Minister Sweeting go check... get it redone please cost to contractor. Why did the contractor leave all that road material on the once grass verge?