Letters to the Editor


Minimum wage economics

An increased Minimum Wage – Can we afford it? A silly question.

Christmas tree was not that bad

Design choices don’t seem to work out well for Lanisha Rolle. The Youth, Sports and Culture Minister notoriously came under heavy fire in November for handing out medals to young people at a youth in parliament event in October.

Name and shame the delinquents

Very clearly the cash-flow of Government is under serious pressure but when this is allowed to continue hundreds of millions could be collected from the hundreds who are delinquent in paying their bills.

Joining the WTO makes no sense

I regard Zhivago Laing both as a friend and as a very intelligent and principled Bahamian. But on the supposed desirability of the Bahamas (a country that imports everything and exports next to nothing) joining the WTO, he is simply very wrong.

Sad death of Felix Bethel

F- Freedom fighter in every sense of the word.

Are we still beyond our Ken?

Your editorial on Wednesday the 4th December is apropos.

Dorian: More than just a natural phenomenon

A prominent Family Island prophet from the Pentecostal community is purported to have predicted the coming of Hurricane Dorian to Grand Bahama as divine judgment.

The poor are the majority

PM says he's focused on the poor? Seriously? According to The Nassau Guardian, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said, “We feel that the wealthy, the rich individuals, regardless of the outcome, they would be able to survive and protect themselves. And we would still need them to help generate jobs, employment, etc, but we would do all we can to protect that grouping that needs protection, and that is the poor and marginalised.

How to tackle next big storm

As a Bahamian owner of a local construction company I have gained knowledge of practical information that I feel can better prepare the country for future Cat 5 storms.

Too much information missing for my liking

The vast improvement in media (press and electronic) coverage in our Bahamas is commendable. As an avid reader and listener I am concerned about the absence of information on certain matters, in particular those documented herein.

Commonsense was lacking on my travels

On a recent trip to one of the family islands, I had received my ticket from the airline on which I was flying and went to clear security.

I was sorry to see the Christmas tree changed

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I think the sea-themed decorations on the Christmas tree in downtown Nassau were delightful and I’m sorry they were removed.

No-one has solution to society's ills

As I look at the news and see murder continuously occurring, it supports my hypothesis that social structure change is needed. If you only treat the symptoms of societal ills, you have to keep medicating indefinitely, as is the Bahamas’ present trajectory.

Many shocked at outcome of case

Many, if not most Bahamians, were shocked and disturbed at the outcome of the Shane Gibson case. This included quite a number of PLP supporters. The jury acquitted Gibson on 15 counts after deliberating for a very short period.

A shameful process

Anyone doubting that the present government is engaged in the systematic degrading of our country’s vital institutions need only read the media reports of the Shane Gibson case.