Letters to the Editor


Why choose Wells as our acting PM?

I couldn’t help but notice an interesting announcement that Transport and Local Government Minister Renward Wells will be serving as acting prime minister while Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis is away at an important meeting with US President Donald Trump in Florida.

Hired to serve, not to frustrate

I write today with a frightening concern. Is it possible that, as a result of the standoff between the Passport Office and the Office of the Registrar General, some Bahamians are likely to find themselves stateless or at the very least undocumented?

Mitchell's insight behind solar deal

Kudos to Hon Fred Mitchell for the insight when he was Foreign Minister of persuading the UAE to make the $4million donation and yesterday the largest solar generating unit was opened officially - of course the Minnis government made no mention or reference to the work of Mr Mitchell - would never expect that.

The world has lost a noble, courageous, saintly man

Msgr. Preston Moss’ first impact on my life happened when he and Sister Madene Russell advised my late Father (Sir Clement) that, as a 15-year-old student, I should attend Barry College, then an all girls Catholic College. Frequently, when I saw Msgr. Moss, he would remind me that, as a Freshman at Barry, I carried the cross during a significant outdoor procession. He encouraged me, as he did others, to recall my duty to carry to the world the redeeming message of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. A conversation along this line last year, was my last engaging encounter with Msgr. Moss.

Banton: Time to stand up and speak out

“And the Lord appeared to Solomon by night, and said unto him, I have heard thy prayer, and have chosen this place to myself for a house of sacrifice.” - 2 Chronicles 7:12-15

Dr Sands, I need help – this is serious

Could you print this as an open letter to Dr Duane Sands? Thank you, Bob Thompson

Well done, my child, well done indeed

Preston, our fallen Priest, most highly esteemed! May the Good Lord be with you!

We must leave the right legacy

My people, we are called to be the environmental consciousness pioneers, at this critical juncture of Earth’s dramatic agony, caused by our human species.

Change arrival schedule

To those who effectively eliminated the Bahamian group with the small equity holding of certain Cruise Lines please listen up - how is Global going to increase passengers - spend obviously the most important issue if they, Global, have no influence on the schedules of the cruise boats?

Remove short pants ban

To the people of the Bahamas and the Minister of Education and Prime Minister in particular. It has come to my knowledge that our public libraries do not allow entry to people wearing short pants.

VAT can tell its own tale

VAT Revenue shortfall of $180 million…

Spot on, PM – Brian Moree is right man for the job

I congratulate the upcoming Chief Justice on his expected appointment as substantive Chief Justice of our wonderful nation, the Hon Brian Moree. Former Acting Justice Moree is the perfect individual for this appointment. The entire country knows that I do not often agree with the Most Hon Prime Minister, but with this appointment, God bless his soul, he is right on this one.

Lack of dredging sees return of the seahorse

The discovery of a seahorse in North Bimini Bay may very well be the sign that, with the temporary stoppage of dredging within the mangroves, these unique treasures may be returning to the area. It was a juvenile seahorse, which indicates the possible presence of adults in the area.

Spelling out one man's brilliance

``Honouring a Great Man of God’’

The Press always has the last word

Some advice to the Most Honorable Dr Hubert A Minnis - you can never hide from the press. The press always has the last say even if you try to hide.