Letters to the Editor


Equal access to education for everyone

Please allow the publishing of this open letter to the Minister of Education & Culture

War of words

IT IS not my practice to engage in lengthy correspondence with another through the pages of your newspaper. However, circumstances alter cases, and I find myself engaged in one with the Hon Fred Flag Burning Mitchell, me by letter to the editor and him by voice note on social media.

Passenger spending

I would appreciate you publishing my open letter to Mr Michael Bayley, CEO, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Rentokil: No raccoons are killed

I wish to respond to a letter you have featured in your letters to the Editor,

Mental illness or possession

The print media published some months ago a tragic incident involving a mentally ill individual who was put down by law enforcement officers in New Providence. I believe that it was in December that the Senate rubber stamped the Progressive Liberal Party’s Mental Health Bill (2022), which repealed the Mental Health Act of 1969.

Growing cruelty to animals

Please allow your valuable space to express the utter disgust toward the RENTOKIL sign mounted on Shirley Street across from the old Gleneagles Hotel.

Why would killing raccoons be okay?

It has come to my attention that some people in Abaco and Nassau have decided it is ok to hunt and eat raccoons.

Abuse of animals

We have recently seen a large billboard from Rentokil advertising raccoon removal with an endearing picture of the animal.

Tattered flag at OPM

Haven’t driven west for a while but had reason to today as we start the celebration for the 50th anniversary of taking Independence and we are for the coming six months chair of CARICOM one would have thought where our proud national flag flies it would be fresh - not faded and not tattered?

Money, money, money

As a former Love Beach owner, I read with much sadness the articles about the wanted Passion Point development.

Downtown revitalisation being unfair?

Where is the fairness? Please permit me to offer a few comments relative to remarks reportedly made by Mr Michael Maura at the recent Bahamas Business Outlook regarding the state of waterfront properties to the east of East Street north connecting Bay and the expectation that the movement of shipping operations away from Bay Street along with the attendant tax breaks and concessions, would encourage the owners of these properties to undertake improvements.

Modernisation of healthcare needed

Please allow me space in your daily to express a concern. It is said that the Health of a Nation is the Wealth of the Nation. If this is to be taken literally, then we are not amongst the wealthy.

Alternatives are needed to reach source of crime

It has become very clear that we are losing the war against crime despite the idea that things are under control; and what is nerve wracking is that the year has just begun. The crime rate is climbing, and we are crossing into dangerous waters.

BTC mishaps?

I think that BTC has completely lost the plot now.

Mitchell’s comments ‘unacceptable’

I am persuaded that the Hon Minister Frederick Audley Mitchell (PLP-Fox Hill) is one of the best National Chairman which that party has ever had, with the stark exceptions of the late Andrew ‘Dud’ Maynard and the irreplaceable Hon. Bradley Roberts. They were political giants and living legends in their hey day. Brother Mitchell has some big shoes to attempt to fill.