Letters to the Editor


Tribute to Dr Eugene Newry

I am deeply saddened by the passing of Dr Eugene Newry, my dear friend of many decades and a comrade in the struggle for the fullness of democracy in our Bahamas. He was one of a group of young men who banded together back in the late Fifties to further the cause of majority rule for the Bahamas.

Cat Island is suffering

Cat Island is so beautiful, but it has a good reason to sing “O Lord We Got Do Right In" - you see the people of Cat Island had made you honourable for the past 21 years please tell us what have you done for us lately or in the past 21 years?

Protect our sovereignty

I write to you as a concerned Bahamian citizen, urging The Bahamas Government to oppose the proposed amendments to the World Health Organisation's International Health Regulations, which would effectively cede the Bahamas' sovereignty to a globalist organisation seeking the power to control free nations' response to future health crises.

Supporter of Minnis or a lost soul?

Please allow me a small place in your newspaper to respond to a letter I read signed “The Mackey Street Man” dated May 22, 2022.

Is Adrian Gibson a target?

Please allow me space in your column to express my views on the recent probe into the Water & Sewerage Corporation and what now it appears to be a focus on the Long Island Member of Parliament Mr Adrian Gibson.

Pintard has a hint of Pindling

I was watching a news segment on Our News Bahamas regarding Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Michael Pintard on a point of order in Parliament and was thoroughly impressed with his uncanny ability to speak extemporaneously.

Spread the message on climate change

Almost exactly 30 years after the United Nations declared at COP1 that human activities are changing the Earth’s climate and that these “adverse effects are a common concern of mankind,” little has changed for the better, and the facts remain:

Pintard went too far in Minnis criticism

I always send my draft letters to a dear friend before I publish them. We graduated high school together in the late 1970s, and have remained close all these years.

Disaster looming for FNM?

The Nassau Guardian’s front page article about police investigators wanting a discussion with Free National Movement (FNM) MP Adrian Gibson is just one more development in an ongoing saga that hasn’t received as much attention from the mainstream media as one would think it should.

Reimagining education

Throughout its 47 short years of existence, The College of The Bahamas (COB), now University of The Bahamas, has been marked by tides of change. Similarly, in more recent times, we have had change thrust upon us as a nation; first through Hurricane Dorian’s devastation resulting from climate change, and then the catastrophic health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Judicial propriety

Over a 30-plus year career in law and as a former magistrate, I am pleased to say there has been a steady positive evolution in both our judiciary and our jurisprudence. Unlike in the past, the present complement of our judiciary each possesses the comportment and temperament the esteemed position demands. They are in all respects judicious, something which those of us who are senior attorneys truly appreciate.

Climate change

“...one would think that over multiple geological periods the earth’s climate has never changed. Most don’t even know we are in an interglacial period right now, but let these crusaders continue their efforts to change the climate!” A comment responding to a May 5 Tribune story headlined, “Pinder: We Will Lead On Climate Change.”

New Providence or New Orleans?

I saw Twitter images of severe flooding throughout parts of New Providence over the weekend. I believe it was a meteorologist who told either The Nassau Guardian or The Tribune that the severe flooding caused by torrential rains was a hurricane drill for New Providence residents. As a resident of Grand Bahama who lived through Hurricanes Francis, Jeanne, Matthew and Dorian, I want Nassau residents to understand that the recent flooding in their communities is nothing compared to the flooding the aforementioned cyclones brought to our island.

Flooding shows need for insurance

Why does insurance coverage matter in this new Climate Change era? Unfortunately, flooding like what we had this weekend will be the norm rather than the exception. My useful advice to you is to make sure to take the opportunity to call anyone of the insurance companies within The Bahamas if you need any hurricane insurance (Life, Home, Auto, Marine, Business, Aviation, etc...). Most experts predict that this upcoming hurricane season will be another active one. I know that hurricane and homeowners’ insurance are expensive, but I beg you to consider the alternative.

Are private pension funds sustainable?

As the debates had been about the lack of funds for Bahamians at the National Insurance Board and it is obvious it will run out because the lack of businesses paying employees funds at the National Insurance Board.