Letters to the Editor


Touched by human kindness

As I watched people dropped money into the receptacle it made me proud to be a Bahamian. And it gives me great pleasure in sending a big shoutout to the management and staff of KFC for the initiative they have taken to help bring relief to the victims of Hurricane Dorian.

Same sex marriages and abortion

A local “failed“ politician who postures as a minister of The Gospel, Frederick McAlpine (FNM-Pineridge) had long sought entry into the House of Assembly as a representative from Grand Bahama.

Christmas thoughts

I believe today the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Service commences...what a great Christmas present to our wholesalers and retailers.

The great equaliser

We were all fortunate to have had a lesson that we should have learned from. But judging from how we have been talking and treating each other, we still believe that we are in control and the we are better than others. We hate people from our own region, our forefathers, and most interestingly, our family.

Chipman's political judgement

Before he packed up his Georgie-bundle, threw a hissy fit and stormed out of the FNM, Centreville MP Reece Chipman should have bothered to learn a thing or two about partisanship.

Human rights

Good government is more than the use of sovereign power to create prosperity, productivity and happiness. Good governing is the imaginative use of intuition, skills and knowledge to administrate with the participation and consent of the governed.

Poverty in The Bahamas

Trade unions requests that minimum wage be increased to $300. Because the last increase which was in 2015 and presently stands at $210 is inadequate.

Change is the only constant

We had the 2008 financial crisis called the great recession. It was mainly caused by people not being able to pay their mortgage (home debt). Low interest rate was offered to people who would not normally qualify (subprime borrowers). The low interest increase and people could not meet their mortgages. Home prices fell. The entire US financial system went into recession and the rest of the world followed suit.

Advice to PM

Amendment to the Emergency Laws, etc…I listened to Prime Minister and as he asked for positive comment I take him up.

Stick with the party you ran with

The crossing of political floors has become common place in our wonderful nation. Way back in the day, nation builders like the late Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield; Sir Arthur Foulkes and Maurice Moore, et al, crossed the floor and walked out of the then led Lynden Pindling PLP. They formed a grouping called ‘The Free PLP’ and later evolved into the now Free National Movement (FNM) and the rest is history.

Hospitals and viruses

ABC News carried a News item last night (October 7) where they reported that six newly died in the premature care area of a leading hospital for an unknown virus and three - four other newly borns were under care.

Show pride in Ragged Island

I am a native of Ragged Island. In 2017, my home, located on one of the Ragged Island cays, had its roof blown off. I sought assistance from NEMA along with other residents of Ragged Island. Some of the residents of Ragged Island received financial assistance, but this was not extended to all.

Shanty town law change

The government is unnecessarily embroiled in a discussions over the acquisition of property on which shanty towns existed in Abaco.

Dorian, I hate you

Dorian I gon smack you.

Cry the beloved country

I watched in horror and dismay when our northern islands were decimated by the terrible storm, Dorian, resulting in massive loss of life and belongings.