INSIGHT: The solutions to our crime issues begin with our children

THE home life of men in prison is dominated by numerous "stressors". In some places statistics show that as many as eight of ten men in prisons came from abusive or broken homes.

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WORLD VIEW: France and the US broke Haiti; they should be the first to mend it

WHEN the Foreign Ministers of the world’s wealthiest nations gathered in Brazil from February 21, 2024, Haiti’s dire situation found a brief moment of attention — not in the main agenda but on the sidelines of the G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Rio de Janeiro.

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INSIGHT: Government in the ‘blame dem’ phase

IT seems to me that the Davis administration has entered its “blame dem” phase of government.

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GAIN AN EDGE: Triplets’ journey takes a LEAP

oday we welcome back the Gain An Edge column, a series of articles spotlighting education, the young people taking part in it and more. The column will run bi-weekly on Mondays.

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WORLD VIEW – Fortifying international law: safeguarding global stability

IN today’s complex global landscape, peace and prosperity face significant threats due to a blatant disregard for international law and the meticulously constructed human rights framework established since the aftermath of World War II. This disregard poses a grave threat to the stability of nations worldwide.

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INSIGHT: Should the govt be ‘about hiding the truth’, Mr Davis?

THE missteps by the administration of Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis in response to the international travel advisories have been staggering – so much so that we have now had a new round of reporting internationally, this time highlighting how Mr Davis wants to hide murders from the front page of our country’s newspapers.

INSIGHT: Causes of crime not new, but deepening – what now?

“Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

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INSIGHT: Torn apart by gangs, Haiti still waits for action as it teeters on edge of being a failed state

IN theory, Bahamian troops should be on the ground in Haiti by now.

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INSIGHT: It’s time govt shows they are truly serious

IT is hard to get away from the topic of crime with the way this year has started.

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WORLD VIEW – Red Sea crisis: Houthi attacks raising prices worldwide

UP until a few weeks ago, the Red Sea and Yemen held little significance for the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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INSIGHT: Is murder a serious issue, or is it not?

IS it just me or is there some serious crosstalk going on over crime?

INSIGHT – Bahamas travel advisory: Zero violent crimes against visitors in 2024

AS we have learned over the many years, the US State Department is required by law to report on anything that may affect Americans travelling to other countries.

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WORLD VIEW: From Crisis to Democracy: OAS Shines in Guatemala’s Political Transition

THE Organization of American States (OAS) demonstrated its continuing relevance and importance to member states by playing a constructive role in ensuring the transition of government in Guatemala, despite numerous attempts to disrupt the process.

INSIGHT: What do calls for the death penalty really say about us?

THE continuing nonsense talk about the death sentence continues – despite there being little likelihood of it ever being carried out, and not a stitch of evidence being presented to suggest that it will serve as a deterrent to further crime.

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WORLD VIEW: Action on criminal gangs and firearms is urgent

ECUADOR, once celebrated for its tranquillity, now finds itself at the epicentre of a distressing surge in gang violence, its streets marred by the ominous shadow of armed groups fuelled by the trafficking of illicit drugs.