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WORLD VIEW: Being homosexual is not a crime - Pope Francis

“BEING homosexual is not a crime. We are all children of God, and God loves us as we are and for the strength that each of us fights for our dignity.” Those words were spoken by Pope Francis, easily the most radical pontiff that the Roman Catholic Church has ever had.

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THE KDK REPORT: Not all heroes wear capes...

PSYCHOLOGISTS have long proposed that the reason we love comic book superheroes is because we all secretly desire to be the heroes of our own lives.

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INSIGHT: Haiti teeters on the brink of civil war with no solutions in sight

IN Haiti, we are witnessing what appears to be the complete breakdown of the law.

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WORLD VIEW: Peru troubles highlighting unease across South America

MANY countries in South America are now in a state of troubling unease. Recent events in Peru have catapulted it to the forefront of security concerns in all its dimensions. But worry also exists about other countries which are tiptoeing through political minefields that could explode overnight.

THE KDK REPORT: A house divided

SEVERAL years ago, a palliative nurse in Australia wrote a book detailing the top five regrets of individuals on their deathbed.

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INSIGHT: How we can honour Kenise and help save others

THE tragic story of Kenise Darville has been in the spotlight over the past few days and many are wanting to know why we can’t do better when it comes to the care we offer our citizens.

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THE KDK REPORT: In fairytales we dream

MANY beloved fairy tales were morbidly gruesome in their original connotation. Sleeping Beauty, for example, was unconscious when she was savagely raped by the king. Then, to add to the heinous nature of the act, he murdered his wife hoping to be with the woman he assaulted when she awoke. Soldiers were told to cut out Snow White’s liver and lungs to feed to the evil queen. In retribution, she was forced to dance at Snow White’s wedding in burning hot iron shoes until she died.

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INSIGHT: Questions remain unanswered over Bermuda PLP trip

THE curious tale of the Progressive Liberal Party’s trip to Bermuda resurfaced in public this week – and despite it being several months on from the event, the official line has still failed to nail down all the answers.

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WORLD VIEW: The fallacy of ‘President’ Juan Guaidó is now over

THE pretender, Juan Guaidó, is now finally gone. The myth that he was the President of Venezuela and had the capacity to act and speak for the country, has now evaporated.

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INSIGHT: A show of faith in The Bahamas over FTX probe

THE collapse of FTX – with the vast amounts of money involved – was always going to attract a global spotlight.

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INSIGHT: Yesterday’s PM in spotlight for wrong reasons

WHEN considering the issues of the day, it’s often easy to look at what is going on with government.

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INSIGHT: The KDK REPORT - The platinum gatekeeper

THE opportunity to age gracefully is something that I suspect all human beings long for. Where the differences materialise, however, is in the age we’d like to achieve before dying. Some say 75, while the majority respond somewhere in their 80s or 90s. Rarely does anyone say 100, thinking that it’s too far-fetched to even conceive.

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INSIGHT: Sir Ronald Sanders - Travel within the Caribbean in crisis

THE closure of LIAT in 2020, without establishing air transport to fill the vacuum, has led to chaos in regional transportation, gravely affecting the movement of people and goods throughout the Caribbean region.

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WORLD VIEW – NO TIME TO WASTE: Protecting school children and ending gang violence

GANG violence, particularly in schools, and directed at school children, is fast becoming a grave concern throughout the Caribbean.

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THE KDK REPORT: A smile in September

IN January 2020, while getting ready for church, my patient sat in his living room chair to put on his shoes.