EDITORIAL: Govt should be applauded for egg project

FOR many years, some farmers have felt that governments have only paid them lip service when it comes to giving the industry a solid footing.

EDITORIAL – Haiti policy: What happens next?

THE question “what happens next?” is very useful when examining public policy.

EDITORIAL: Double standards in judging nations

AS the FTX crypto platform collapsed in spectacular fashion, one of the aspects of the whole affair that left a bad taste was the attitude displayed towards our country in international commentary.

EDITORIAL: A clever solution to a long-time problem

THERE always seems to be more problems in public life than solutions – so when an imaginative way to resolve an issue is suggested, it is well worth taking a moment to applaud it.

EDITORIAL: A hard line on migration from govt

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis set a hard line in his national address on the issue of migration.

EDITORIAL: Canada PM putting money where his mouth is

AFTER the ceremony – and the protests – of the start to CARICOM, yesterday saw delegates getting down to business.

EDITORIAL: Journalists must not be impeded in their duties

THE start of CARICOM began with a very disturbing call to The Tribune yesterday.

EDITORIAL: Climate and Haiti issues in spotlight

THE CARICOM meeting is upon us – and with weighty issues to discuss. There are many matters on the table – including healthcare, crime, food and energy security, and even a video message from the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, underscoring the global picture beyond our regional concerns.

EDITORIAL: Has a decision been made or not?

SOMETIMES watching Bahamian politics is like a game of smoke and mirrors – you’re never entirely sure what is being said will come true.

EDITORIAL: Questions should be answered - by all governments

THERE was no shortage of drama – and theatrics – in the House of Assembly yesterday.

EDITORIAL: Less arguing and more evidence, please

YOU blame me and I blame you and are we ever nearer the truth?

EDITORIAL: The language of hate must not prevail

IT seems the language of hate has taken a grip in our nation.

EDITORIAL: Has government given up on deadlines?

HERE at The Tribune, we know our fair share about deadlines. We have to meet them every day – so that you can read the newspaper in your hands.

EDITORIAL: Captain Rolle offers insight into Haiti situation

THE diplomats who have returned safely from Haiti have seen the situation on the ground there first-hand.

EDITORIAL: Family to view footage of shooting - but what are the rules?

THE Minister of National Security, Wayne Munroe, was to allow the family of the young man shot dead by police officers to view camera footage of the incident last night.