EDITORIAL: Is taxation the solution to our sins?

IT appears the government plans to make us pay for our sins – literally.

EDITORIAL: Taking the guns off our streets

THE news that The Bahamas is joining forces with other countries to take US firearm manufacturers to court is to some extent startling – but very welcome.

EDITORIAL: Human rights report highlights familiar failing

THE prolonged failure to carry out inquests into police-involved shootings has been an issue that The Tribune has long spotlighted – and now it is garnering international attention.

EDITORIAL: The problem facing the Prime Minister

IN backing Education Minister Glenys Hanna Martin, Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis” has given himself a problem.

EDITORIAL: Hanna Martin standing by her words

VERY often in public life, we see our leaders take the politically expedient option.

EDITORIAL: The dangerous side of marijuana

THE words of Dr Tameka Johnson-Dames deserve to be listened to.

EDITORIAL: Cautious reaction to RCI proposal

THE issues surrounding the approval of the Royal Caribbean beach club deal for Paradise Island are not as simple as a yes or a no.

EDITORIAL: Bethel’s work a credit to The Bahamas

LAST week saw the celebration of International Women’s Day.

EDITORIAL: FNM falls back into internal strife

THE infighting at the FNM has spilled into public view.

EDITORIAL: Honour women with equal rights

THIS week sees the celebration of International Women’s Day – an opportunity to both celebrate women and, more pointedly, to continue removing barriers that hinder women.

EDITORIAL: Davis tries to shift the blame

WHEN Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis gave his mid-year Budget communication last week, it seems something did not add up. He told the House that the government experienced a net deficit of $285.7m – that’s $7.8m more than the previous year.

EDITORIAL: Too early to declare trip a success

THE CARICOM trip to Haiti has been declared a success.

EDITORIAL: Too early to declare trip a success

THE CARICOM trip to Haiti has been declared a success.

EDITORIAL: Govt should be applauded for egg project

FOR many years, some farmers have felt that governments have only paid them lip service when it comes to giving the industry a solid footing.

EDITORIAL – Haiti policy: What happens next?

THE question “what happens next?” is very useful when examining public policy.