EDITORIAL: Migration problem is not going away

ENOUGH was enough today in the courtroom of Senior Magistrate Carolyn Vogt-Evans when it comes to illegal immigration.

EDITORIAL: Govt must remember Rubis spill lesson

THE scale of the oil leak in Grand Bahama just keeps getting worse.

EDITORIAL: Time to talk about civil unions?

IS the time right to have a conversation about civil unions for gay couples and the legalisation of abortion?

EDITORIAL: So what's next, Mr Chipman?

IT’S been a long goodbye for Reece Chipman - but now the man who defeated former Prime Minister Perry Christie in his own seat has left the party whose red wave he rode to victory in Centreville.

EDITORIAL: Can there be smarter ways to pay the bill?

The cost of Hurricane Dorian is beginning to become clearer.

EDITORIAL: Focus on the victims not on immigration

IT WOULD seem some people need to be reminded that there was a hurricane that devastated our islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama a little over a month ago.

EDITORIAL: Residents still left waiting for govt

WITH much of the focus on Abaco in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, people in the East End of Grand Bahama are concerned.

EDITORIAL: Put the phone down when you drive

FOR a long time, we have called in this column for action to be taken to clamp down on driving while using a phone. Well, we are delighted to see that as of Monday, this will be illegal.

EDITORIAL: Abaco residents being left behind

A LACK of action by the government, no law on the streets, rampant theft and a future filled with nothing but uncertainty.

EDITORIAL: Turning a cold shoulder after Dorian

What makes one victim of Hurricane Dorian deserve different treatment from another?

EDITORIAL: What are we doing to fight climate change?

The words were ominous: “How will we continue to exist?”

EDITORIAL: Scars that will linger in our nation

FOR those of us who did not go through the horrific experience of Hurricane Dorian, it is hard to grasp the level of trauma suffered by those who did.

EDITORIAL: This is how we start to recover

THE signing of the heads of agreement for the new cruise port would have been a landmark moment for Grand Bahama regardless. In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, it’s more than that – it’s a lifeline.

EDITORIAL: Don't oppose for sake of opposing

FOR all the talk of the need for unity in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, it seems as if political sniping might be returning once more.

EDITORIAL: Disaster exposes Haiti-Bahamas strains

THE complicated relationship between The Bahamas and the Haitian migrants who come to call the country home is increasingly being laid bare by tensions after Hurricane Dorian.