EDITORIAL: Pay attention to details on Budget day

TODAY is a landmark day for the Davis administration – its first full Budget presentation.

EDITORIAL: No excuse for failing to disclose

“THERE are a lot of persons who missed.”

EDITORIAL: If there has been wrongdoing, then prosecute

THE ongoing row over the role played by the National Food Distribution Task Force has been an unpleasant one.

EDITORIAL: Not good enough over power outages, Minister

FOR weeks now, there have been fairly regular power outages in New Providence – and as summer nears, there are obvious concerns about how well our power grid will cope when air conditioning gets cranked up to full.

EDITORIAL: Flooding shows impact we face from climate change

IT IS a little more than six months since the climate summit in Glasgow that catapulted Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis briefly into the international spotlight.

EDITORIAL: The COVID problem - and the solution

TWO news stories on our front page today represent a collision of problem, and solution.

EDITORIAL: A deal that’s been a long time coming

THE announcement of the buyer for the Grand Lucayan Resort has been long coming.

EDITORIAL: Excuses over disclosures are dangerous nonsense

THERE appears to be a dangerous nonsense developing in the discussion over parliamentary disclosures.

EDITORIAL: Stop COVID rise from becoming a surge

THE announcement of a wave of cases of COVID-19 involving senior staff members at the Office of the Prime Minister comes amid a rising number of infections in the nation.

EDITORIAL: Resisting temptation to break the law

THERE was quite a startling admission from Environment Minister Vaughn Miller yesterday.

EDITORIAL: Ignorance is no defence for lawmakers

LAST month, an American tourist faced court in The Bahamas.

EDITORIAL: Give our nurses what they need to protect our health

IT is Nurses Month this month – an event in Freeport marked the start of the series of events to honour the efforts of healthcare workers in The Bahamas.

EDITORIAL: Who will bear the cost of climate change?

HURRICANE Dorian was a monster. It bore down on Abaco and Grand Bahama and ripped the islands to pieces. The cost of the lives lost in the storm is immeasurable, there is no price you can put on a life. The damage, however, carried a financial toll, one that The Bahamas had to bear, even though there was a helping hand from others in the aftermath.

EDITORIAL: Is our permit system up to scratch?

A COURT case in today’s Tribune raises interesting questions about the permit process in this country.

EDITORIAL: Seizing the weapons - but we need to stop the flow

ACTING Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander is eager to show the successes police are securing on the street.