EDITORIAL: A Bahamas for Bahamians

IT’S hard to imagine just now – but picture what life will be like when this current crisis is over.

EDITORIAL: Where's the firm 'no' we gave to the Braemar?

YOU would be forgiven if you were not comforted by the words of Renward Wells MP with regard to cruise ships.

EDITORIAL: An economic crisis - but don’t forget those at the sharp end

AS the grim landmark of the nation’s first death from coronavirus was confirmed yesterday, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis tried to make the country realise the scale of the problem facing us.

EDITORIAL: The numbers and the need to talk

Let’s talk numbers for a moment. There are around 400,000 people living in The Bahamas. According to the World Bank, last year 74.51% of the population were part of the workforce. That’s about three-quarters, so 300,000 people.

EDITORIAL: The cost of the coronavirus battle

A BILLION dollars by July.

EDITORIAL: Get off the roads and stay at home

STILL too many people on the road – that’s the key point to be drawn from the latest tightening of regulations to curtail movement.

EDITORIAL: Stop this virus spreading within our community

TWO hammer blows struck last night – one on our shores, and one across the water in the US.

EDITORIAL: Saving lives, then saving the economy

THE extent of the economic crisis we are facing is beginning to become clear.

EDITORIAL: Get used to the curfew - it'll be with us for a while

THE confirmation of a new case of coronavirus seemingly unrelated to the previous patients is a reminder of the urgency to maintain our discipline in the lockdown presently in place across our nation.

EDITORIAL: At the end of it all, there remains hope

THE Bahamian people were asked to behave sensibly, to choose to act wisely to limit the spread of coronavirus. Collectively, we failed.

EDITORIAL: The disaster that has hit our economy

AN economic earthquake has hit The Bahamas.

EDITORIAL: It’s a virus, do as the doctor says

ON Wednesday, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis unveiled regulations that gave him powers to tackle the spread of the coronavirus. Yesterday, he used them.

EDITORIAL: PM declares war, but no march to action

WE are at war, declared Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, as he announced new regulations that give him sweeping new powers to tackle the spread of the coronavirus.

EDITORIAL: No easy solution for Prime Minister to choose

AROUND the world, governments are trying to work out how to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

EDITORIAL: Plan for bad times - but remember the good times will come again

AS much as the coronavirus has medical consequences, so too it has become clear that it has economic consequences.