EDITORIAL: Money now, but a headache later?

The announcement of a tax amnesty by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday might sound good for those who can take advantage of it – but look a little deeper and it’s a bad sign for the state of our country.

EDITORIAL: Lost in bureaucracy

More than ten years ago, Bahamian Stafford Lightbourn married his wife, Sharon Lewis-Lightbourn.

EDITORIAL: What is being done to help women shine in politics?

THE issue of women in politics has been in the air lately – and has been brought back to the surface by the departure of Lanisha Rolle, who was the only woman serving as a minister under Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.

EDITORIAL: Say a prayer for former Prime Minister

THERE comes a moment when political rivalries must be set aside – and the news that former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has COVID-19 is one such moment.

EDITORIAL: Questions remain after Lanisha Rolle’s departure

THE story of Lanisha Rolle’s time in the public eye has been, it’s fair to say, a turbulent one.

EDITORIAL: Time to catch up with rest of the world

WHO wants a national televised debate for the next election?

EDITORIAL: The vaccine can restore our health - and the health of our economy

THE battle to develop a COVID-19 vaccine has been won – now begins another battle, this time to convince people to take it.

EDITORIAL: Next election will be a dirty fight

IN case anyone was under any illusions that the next election is going to be a clean fight, the sparring in today’s Tribune between the FNM and the PLP ought to dismiss such notions.

EDITORIAL: Water charge increase overdue - but is now the time?

IT’S fair to say the announcement about water bills going up will not be a vote winner.

EDITORIAL: Long saga still left unresolved

THIS is a long story – 60 years long in fact.

EDITORIAL: Melia shutdown is a disaster for its staff

The news about the Melia Nassau Beach Resort could hardly be worse – it will close down for two years.

EDITORIAL: The path that leads to crime

SOMETIMES, it is too easy to focus on the statistics.

EDITORIAL: PAC is a tool that can bring better government

THE Public Accounts Committee has new powers – and Opposition leader Philip “Brave” Davis is determined to use them.

EDITORIAL: Lack of basic skills shows we’re failing students

When the national exam results came out in January, they were declared a success… by the Ministry of Education, at least.

EDITORIAL: There’s nothing in the well after all

So much for the oil drilling.