EDITORIAL: Having powers doesn’t mean you have to use them

THERE seems to be something of a conspiracy theory circulating over the government’s use of emergency powers.

EDITORIAL: Turnquest right to resign

AT the start of this week, we said in this column that Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest faced a battle to keep that title. Yesterday, he waved the flag of surrender – for now – and resigned.

EDITORIAL: Praise the helpers - and keep the support coming

SOMETIMES, there is little in the way of thanks for those trying their hardest to help others.

EDITORIAL: Words without action mean nothing

TO read the story of the murder of Ednique Walker, who died at just eight years old alongside her mother, Alicia Sawyer, is tragic. The pair were victims of violence, and their murder is yet another alarm bell for our nation.

EDITORIAL: Good riddance to a building long past its best

IT’S the end of an era – and not before time.

EDITORIAL: So much for Christmas . . .

IN a surprise move, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis revealed emergency powers were to be extended again last night – this time until the far side of Christmas.

EDITORIAL: Don’t reach too eagerly for more and lose it all

IT always seemed likely that the plans for oil exploration might end up in court.

EDITORIAL: Poised to create her own legacy

WHEN Monique Pindling took the stage at the PLP convention in 2017, her words were a breath of fresh air.

EDITORIAL: Weigh criticism of projects against the need for jobs

TWO different developments in the spotlight today raise a weighty question – in the time of COVID-19, how picky should we be about the impact of projects?

EDITORIAL: No ifs, no buts - get breakwaters repaired

DON’T put tasks off when things are going well – because when things are going badly, they’ll come back to bite you.

EDITORIAL: Credit for action over wedding breach

WE would like to commend the police force, for taking action following the publication of yesterday’s Tribune highlighting a wedding held in breach of emergency orders on Friday.

EDITORIAL: There must be one rule for all

When photographs and videos from a wedding in Harbour Island went viral in July, the sense of hurt from people who had followed the rules and cancelled or delayed their weddings was palpable.

EDITORIAL: Rules inconsistencies still maddening

THE news about the end of the weekend lockdown might be good news – at least as long as it doesn’t reverse the downward trend of new COVID-19 cases – but it remains maddeningly inconsistent in many ways.

EDITORIAL: A steady hand at the tiller

THERE is not a soul in The Bahamas who does not want to see the back of COVID-19.

EDITORIAL: Just in time for Christmas

IT’S wonderful to report two pieces of good news today.