EDITORIAL: Bodycams are a tool - but the system is broken

THE latest police shooting has seen divided claims between the family of the young man who died, 18-year-old Kwondrick Lowe, and police officers.

EDITORIAL: Action on Haiti needed - but what?

THE issue of immigration is once more in the headlines, whether it is in Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis’ speech in Argentina, in the renewed talk of action on shanty towns - or in the inflamed rhetoric of some who would choose to drum up support for their political posturing through hate.

EDITORIAL: All quiet over Onego Traveller recovery operation

SINCE the cargo ship the Onego Traveller sank in waters off Abaco on December 29, there has been a curious absence of information from the government about salvage and remediation efforts.

EDITORIAL: Crime rising to top of government agenda

THE first 18 days of this year have been marked with nine murders. A murder every other day.

EDITORIAL: When will Village Road construction be complete?

IT seems a long time ago when we were assured that the roadworks on Village Road would be completed in time for the start of the school term. Perhaps we should have asked which school term.

EDITORIAL: Prime Minister presses climate change message

IT was a busy day for Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis yesterday.

EDITORIAL: Antigua and Barbuda move opens up CARICOM future

WHAT does CARICOM mean to you? The question is particularly relevant at the moment, with Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis assuming the role of chair of CARICOM, taking over from President Chandrikapersad Santokhi, of Suriname.

EDITORIAL: Wait for marital rape legislation goes on

THE long, slow progress toward legislation on marital rape seems to be continuing.

EDITORIAL: An apology demanded for a rift long in the making

A RIFT appeared very publicly in the ranks of the Progressive Liberal Party – given voice by Dame Marguerite Pindling.

EDITORIAL: We have the statistics - now what can be done to stop child abuse?

WE have the statistics - now what can be done to stop child abuse?

EDITORIAL: COVID reminder - and a watchful eye on China

IF it seems to many that COVID-19 has gone away, today is a rude reminder that it is anything but.

EDITORIAL: Kicking the can again over NIB

ANOTHER year is coming to an end with no resolution to the thorny problem of what to do about our diminishing National Insurance Board fund.

EDITORIAL: Back to Bay Street with a bang

JUNKANOO returned – and it was dazzling.

EDITORIAL: Help all Bahamians to have a better Christmas

CHRISTMAS is almost here. For many, right now this means a flurry of last-minute shopping, popping up the final decorations, sitting down and wrapping presents.

EDITORIAL: The fall of Sam Bankman-Fried

IT is a remarkable fall from grace.