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STATESIDE: 10 years without a US Ambassador

AS you may have noticed, ten months into the Biden administration, we still don’t have a sitting American Ambassador here in Nassau. As a matter of fact, for those not keeping score on such matters, within five weeks, it will have been fully ten years since a Senate-confirmed U.S. envoy has overseen the work of the large American Embassy still located on Queen Street downtown until the new U.S. embassy headquarters building is ready for occupancy. Do you remember who was the last American ambassador to The Bahamas?

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DIANE PHILLIPS: The surprising twist in the Christopher Columbus statue saga

ON Saturday, October 9, two days before Heroes Day, police arrested a man for destroying the statue of Christopher Columbus on Government House grounds. The act went locally viral in minutes.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: All that it took to get people vaccinated was Black Friday

I COULD go so many ways this week; the material has been in abundance.

EDITORIAL: A new government with familiar faces

THE promise from the PLP in their campaign slogan was clear: A New Day.

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FRONT PORCH: Vaccine mandates and requirements needed to save lives

A colleague cum friend becomes apoplectic when discussing those refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19, putting others, including family members, colleagues and strangers at risk of getting gravely sick or dying.

EDITORIAL: Commissioner claims curfews have no effect on crime

THE biggest issue facing The Bahamas before the election remains the biggest issue facing the nation after the election.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Fashion parade and dress code police

DRESS codes, to some people, are necessary. To others, they are restrictive. The way they are received depends heavily on the reason they are introduced, the effectiveness in addressing that cause, enforcement, and the consequences, both intended and unintended, of their existence. It often seems as though we like dress codes. It isn’t that we particularly enjoy being constrained, but watching other people fail to meet the standard appears to be a favourite pastime.

EDITORIAL: We must not become numb to COVID death toll

THE biggest issue facing The Bahamas before the election remains the biggest issue facing the nation after the election.

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PETER YOUNG: Non-violence in resolving conflict - a lesson for us all?

A significant event last week in South Africa has led to reflection by some on the past iniquitous system of apartheid in the country, and it is a reminder of the power of forgiveness and reconciliation in an increasingly troubled and violent world.

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FACE TO FACE: Standing up for our mental health in the time of COVID

THE Bahamas, as a society, has come a long way in addressing the issue of mental health.

EDITORIAL: Lack of urgency in protecting Govt House

HOW secure is Government House?

EDITORIAL: Date set – now FNM must choose

THE date has been set.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Seat at the table for polarising Fitzgerald

THERE’S an old expression that goes, “same (ahem), different day.”

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DIANE PHILLIPS: The Punch and the power of one

IF you read the final issue of The Punch yesterday, published three days after the death of its editor, publisher, creator and defender Ivan Johnson, you had this sinking feeling in your gut that an important chapter in the history of The Bahamas had closed.

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STATESIDE: Every flag a memory

ON this day, there were 693,274 index card-sized white plastic flags. They were neatly arrayed in 149 sections, and a light breeze stretched out many of them so the messages they bore could be read by passersby. The sun was shining. The sky was blue. Summer humidity had given way to a fresh cooler wave that made early autumnal temperatures feel a bit like San Diego.