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FRONT PORCH: Religious leaders would do well to remember what their real role is in our society

At the time of his death in 2013 at the age of 99, the American evangelist and Southern Baptist Minister Rev Billy Graham was a revered figure globally.

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STATESIDE: Last rolls of the dice in a game which feels like it will never end

AREN’T you ready for the American presidential election to just happen already so newspapers and TV news shows can move on to something else for a change? Here’s a suggestion: How about really trying to get the coronavirus under control?

EDITORIAL: Lockdown still here as we open the doors

If anyone was expecting major changes from Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, they were soon disappointed.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Why do we continue to allow the Church to pull the strings on so many aspects of our lives?

We have a serious problem with the relationship between the church (used here as shorthand for a select group of religious leaders speaking on behalf of Christian churches) and the State.

EDITORIAL: Listen to those who offer a better path

SINCE he resigned his post as Minister of Health, Dr Duane Sands has been an increasingly vocal figure commenting on the government’s approach to tackling COVID-19.

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PETER YOUNG: Britain and Europe still fishing in troubled waters

NO doubt to the consternation of many, Brexit is back in the news again this week.

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FACE TO FACE: Shining a light on those living with blindness

As October comes to an end, I wanted to recognise a group that deserves just as much attention as other NGOs celebrating important causes this month.

EDITORIAL: Ellis offers criticism, but no solutions

BISHOP Neil Ellis was the talk of social media yesterday, after he took a break from rendering unto God to loudly condemn Caesar.

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WORLD VIEW: OAS General Assembly failed the people of the Americas

ANYONE who followed the 50th regular session of the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), would be forgiven for believing it was held to discuss Venezuela and Nicaragua.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: 'Twas the day before lockdown

’Twas the day before lockdown And all through the aisles Shoppers were frantic Skipping manners and smiles

A Comic's View: Watch out, it's silly season

Whether some of you realise it or not, “silly season” is upon us again and the three major parties, FNM, PLP and DNA are already jostling for position.

EDITORIAL: What do economic measures mean for you?

READERS may be forgiven if, after looking at the announcements made on extending the emergency powers and the recommendations for the recovery of the economy, they asked one question: What does all this mean for me?

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FRONT PORCH: Pope Francis and the Gospel of Love

When Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina was elected as pope in 2013 at the age of 76 and took the name Francis in memory of St Francis of Assisi (1181 or 1182-1226), a beloved relative proclaimed: “Pope Francis is not just going back to St Francis. He is going all the way back to Jesus and the gospel of love and mercy.”

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STATESIDE: Watch out for those polls - there’s a whisper The Donald could actually win

A friend here in Washington keeps close tabs on the US and its upcoming big election. She watches cable TV and she also reads some big American newspapers online and looks at The Economist, a British publication that may offer greater insight than many American news outlets. All things considered, she is up to date.

EDITORIAL: If lockdowns aren’t working, what next?

OVER and over in the battle against COVID-19, we have said that our approach is led by advice from health experts.