EDITORIAL: Migration problem is not going away

ENOUGH was enough today in the courtroom of Senior Magistrate Carolyn Vogt-Evans when it comes to illegal immigration.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Fishing for a few good stories

After downing a few cold beers with fellow comedian Frankie Paul, down at Green Parrots, the topic of fishing came up.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: In such dark days we all need a lighter moment

To the average reader, Page One of a newspaper contains the news they most need to know to get through the day. But in newspaper parlance or the world of those who have worked in the extremely underpaid and overworked world of journalism, there is only one part of Page One that truly matters. It’s called above the fold.

EDITORIAL: Govt must remember Rubis spill lesson

THE scale of the oil leak in Grand Bahama just keeps getting worse.

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STATESIDE: What went wrong for the man who was America’s Mayor?

A big headline in Washington this week has been the qualification of the city’s major league baseball team for its first World Series appearance since 1933.

EDITORIAL: Time to talk about civil unions?

IS the time right to have a conversation about civil unions for gay couples and the legalisation of abortion?

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ALICIA WALLACE: Where does loyalty lie - with the party or the voters?

With Member of Parliament for Centreville Reece Chipman’s departure from the Free National Movement, there is been quite a bit of talk about loyalty.

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FACE TO FACE: Charlene’s lifelong ambition realised in decades of helping others

I had the opportunity recently to visit Dr Charlene Wallace’s Palmdale office and see her in action. She was busy advising patients, young and old, conducting eye examinations, and helping them choose the perfect pair of glasses to suit their face. She did it all with a glowing smile and an obvious dedication to her craft. When I learned she was the first Bahamian female Optometrist to return to The Bahamas and be engaged at the Ministry of Health, I understood the level of seemingly boundless energy she has. She is a trailblazer and she has set a good path for others to follow based on determination, commitment and zeal.

EDITORIAL: So what's next, Mr Chipman?

IT’S been a long goodbye for Reece Chipman - but now the man who defeated former Prime Minister Perry Christie in his own seat has left the party whose red wave he rode to victory in Centreville.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: When it’s simply a matter of helping our neighbours

When the Miami Herald ran a front-page story on the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian on September 27, instead of mountains of debris, homes without roofs and lives torn asunder, the image it showed was a bearded man, bent over at the waist, handing a child a toy.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Let’s get ready to rumble

As wrestling fans throughout The Bahamas keenly watch the WWE vs AEW ratings wars, all while enjoying the weekly wrestling entertainment, the pro wrestling buzz has hit The Bahamas again, with the same fervor as days gone bye, when our generation were kids.

EDITORIAL: Can there be smarter ways to pay the bill?

The cost of Hurricane Dorian is beginning to become clearer.

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PETER YOUNG: Enforce the law but show good will

LAST week’s controversial exchanges about the treatment of displaced migrants following the destruction by Hurricane Dorian of the shanty towns in Abaco should have come as no surprise. As everyone knows by now, the potentially explosive issue of Haitian immigration to The Bahamas goes back a long way.

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STATESIDE: All we wanted was a quiet life – now look at us.

We all live in a democracy. We vote in elections. We choose our leaders in a hopefully thoughtful process. We hope we made the correct choice with our vote.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Are we really getting the next steps right?

Mandatory evacuation, on the surface, seems like a good idea. It is for everyone’s safety, right? We want to ensure the government can legislate for our safety particularly when we expect disaster will strike. We need to know people in the most vulnerable areas not only have somewhere else to go, but are compelled to go.