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FACE TO FACE: ‘All parts of who we are – positive and negative – are who we need to be’

The first time I met Stanya Davis I was at the National Art Gallery attending a women’s empowerment event with some friends. It turned out to be a fulfilling and inspiring experience, hosted by Stanya who was relatable, funny, direct and honest. That became the first of several encounters with a woman who has found a way to interact with and touch the lives of thousands of women in our country. She found the power to do this because her own journey to self was so impactful she felt compelled to help other women heal the way she has.

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PETER YOUNG: Millions may march but China’s calling the shots

An important international development that ought to be publicised but has received only limited US media coverage is the Hong Kong government’s current controversial plan for extradition to mainland China.

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WORLD VIEW – St Vincent on the UN Security Council: More valuable than coin

MAKE no mistake about it, the election of St Vincent and the Grenadines – one of the world’s smallest states – to a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is both an important and timely event.

POLICE ADVICE: Simple rules to keep children safe this summer

SUMMER IS HERE and thousands of children are off school. Here are ways to keep your children safe this summer.

EDITORIAL: Don't mock a slip-up, look at the job being done

MIRIAM Emmanuel was the target of a lot of mockery over the past few days.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: If it's good enough for Her Majesty, it's good enough for us

A FEW weeks back in this column, I wrote about the state of Illinois innovative Bill 1483 regarding legalising and decriminalising recreational marijuana use, for adults over 21 years of age.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Honestly, I’m all in a pickle

It’s possible that I slept through the last decade but highly unlikely so how else do I account for the fact that until Friday I never heard of the world’s fastest growing sport? Wonder if you have.

EDITORIAL: It’s a loan – you have to pay it back

THERE will predictably be outrage from civil servants over just 12 words spoken yesterday by the Minister of Education, Jeffrey Lloyd.

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STATESIDE: Midwest monsoons signal disaster ahead

A Noah’s Ark situation is developing in the US midwest and the rest of the country is now starting to pay fairly close attention. Flooding from monsoon rains is plaguing agricultural and livestock farmers throughout the lower Mississippi and Arkansas River valleys, and thousands of other rural businesses are suffering. The month of May was the wettest ever in large parts of the US and the Mississippi River is reported to be cresting this week above St. Louis at its second highest level on record.

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BUSINESS BITES: Sebas happy playing to contented customers

When I visited the East Bay Street head office of Investar Securities at 10am on Monday June 3, a dozen citizens were already there waiting to subscribe to either of the two Titan Mutual Funds being launched.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Political quotas? Bring them on

Last week, when questioned about the lack of representation of women in parliament, Leader of the Opposition Philip “Brave” Davis said 30 to 40 percent of the Progressive Liberal Party’s 2022 slate of candidates will be women. He noted the best proportion could be higher, but it depends on who makes themselves available. Both the Progressive Liberal Party and the Free National Movement both had outrageously low numbers of female candidates in the 2017 general election. It is clear political parties in The Bahamas are not paying enough attention to issues of gender, how they contribute to them, or the ways they can bring transformation.

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PETER YOUNG: Forget the blimp, Trump pulled this off without a blemish

Since it is unusual for the US mainstream media to carry much news about Britain on a regular basis, I am always on the lookout for items from across the pond that might be of interest to readers of this column.

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FACE TO FACE: Adrianna bidding to be the next star of The Voice

When I got married on the beach last summer, a DJ and amplified instruments were out of the question. There were no electrical outlets nearby. It was an organic ceremony and I was in need of some organic sound. I had Michael Hoyte on steel pan, Gawain on saxophone, Anku Sa Ra on congo drums and vocalist Adrianna Munnings.

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STATESIDE: Who's the Jeopardy record holder? Not James

James Holzhauer lost on Monday, and his defeat was big news. Maybe you heard about it: After winning $2.255m on the popular TV game show Jeopardy, Holzhauer finally lost by a small margin to Chicago librarian and Princeton graduate Emma Boetcher.

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THE ALICIA WALLACE COLUMN: Imagine, keeping calm behind a bus until it’s ready to move off

I know very few people in Nassau who do not hate driving. I know some who plan their days around peak traffic times, some who get someone else to drive, some who play a particular genre of music to keep themselves calm and some who complain about it every single time they have to do it.