EDITORIAL: We've had the warnings - but what are we actually doing?

Three years after the Paris Agreement on climate change and global warming there is renewed focus on this controversial issue with a major United Nations conference now taking place in the Polish city of Katowice. This is the first such meeting since the landmark report in October by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which declared drastic action is required to avert a world disaster precipitated by climate change.

EDITORIAL: Tiger burned bright but we missed an opportunity

If you turned on the TV any time toward the end of last week or on the weekend, you were likely to see a welcome face in a familiar place, Tiger Woods at Albany.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Americans will spend $465 billion on their Christmas gifts, what will Bahamians do?

The Washington-based National Retail Federation, the world’s largest retail trade association, estimates Americans will spend $465 billion on Christmas gifts this year.

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CULTURE CLASH: What we saw in 2016 is what we have now

We are plagued by the desire for a hero. When anything goes wrong, we look for someone to save the day.

EDITORIAL: May's down to the wire with storm clouds on every side

Britain’s departure from the European Union is once again top of the international news agenda.

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FACE TO FACE: Goofing around in class with the future PM - what would come next?

Too often when we see successful people, we automatically think they had it made or the road was well paved for them.

EDITORIAL: Money not the only issue in Minnis juggling act

IT’S hard to know what was likely to come out of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ meeting with unions this week.

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WORLD VIEW: CARICOM must not sit idle as Haiti’s torment drags on

HAITI continues to be an unsettled country politically. Demonstrations against successive governments have become almost normal, and so too, tragically, are the deaths associated with them.

EDITORIAL: The Bahamian work force is today’s challenge

IT WAS indeed a below-the-belt blow to learn from the World Bank that it is easier to do business in the war-torn West Bank and Gaza Strip than it is to do business in The Bahamas.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Real Life v Reality TV

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I probably watch way too much so-called “Reality” television. I have no good excuse for this except to submit to the court that such programming is practically unavoidable.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Dusting off the covers to reveal the memories hidden beneath

Every time I get into one of those frenzies known as the immediate need to de-clutter, I stop cold at one room where history lives.

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CULTURE CLASH: March, yes – but that can only be a first step

Protests are always political. They do not have to be partisan, but most of them end up being aligned with a political party, if only by perception.

EDITORIAL: Time for Mr Culmer to start listening

IT is a rare thing in politics to be able to please all of the country – but if ever there was a statement seemingly designed to annoy everyone it was the one made by FNM chairman Carl Culmer.

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FACE TO FACE: How can we say we live in a fair and equal world?

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is one of the most widespread, persistent and devastating human rights violations in our world today and it remains largely unreported due to the impunity, silence, stigma and shame surrounding it, according to the United Nations.

EDITORIAL: An American degree - it may have lost its lustre

Parents want the best for their children. Parents in Paraguay, Uganda, Cambodia, Fiji, Pakistan, Haiti and Bulgaria want the best for their children. And parents in The Bahamas also want the best for their children. Perhaps the best gift a parent can give to a child is education.