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WORLD VIEW: Haitians: Fear at home, no hope abroad

The abrupt resignation of the US Special Envoy to Haiti, Daniel Foote, came like a bolt of lightning from a clear blue sky. It was as unexpected as it was unprecedented.

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THE KDK REPORT: Need for speed

A grilled chicken and bacon sandwich with spinach, spicy mayo and avocado. It did little to show his creativity but for the 26-year-old chef featured in today’s article, preparing that meal was a welcome relief.

EDITORIAL: Foul or fair? The PLP puts promotions on hold

ON the eve of the 2017 election, the Royal Bahamas Police Force promoted 851 officers under the then PLP government.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: The good, the bad and the ugly of the new Cabinet

THIS week, we welcomed the first whole week of Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) governance, once again.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Prime Minister, please keep your eye on the prize

EVERY prime minister in recent Bahamian history has faced what at some hour must have felt like a Sisyphean mountain to climb. Hubert Ingraham had a hurricane named Andrew. Perry Christie had a deluge of crime and debt. Dr Hubert Minnis had a double blow, Dorian and COVID.

EDITORIAL: More money to fight pandemic - but from where?

A NEW government never gets long before the size of the task at hand becomes clear – and that has perhaps never been more true than in the middle of this pandemic.

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STATESIDE: Fine words - but look what they are actually doing rather than promising

We’re in the third week of September. Every year, that means the world remembers there is an organization dedicated to world peace and the harmonious settlement of disputes between and within nations.

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FRONT PORCH: The honeymoon will quickly be over then Mr Davis will have tough, unpopular decisions to make

The general election is over. The time for governance has begun. The Progressive Liberal Party has a certain mandate and the responsibility of government, despite a dramatically lower voter turnout.

EDITORIAL: FNM should choose its new leader swiftly

Former Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis has reached the end of the road as FNM leader – the only question now is when he will leave the post.

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ART OF GRAPHIX: Website content key to repeat customers

Website design is just another way businesses can show their credibility to customers. Having a beautiful website does not always ensure it will be seen, though. In order for a website to show up in the search results, search engines have to know what your website is about.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Still not enough but the women in Parliament have a real job to do

The general election came last week and brought many challenges with it, some of them noted by the election observers. There was not, in any of the reports thus far, enough attention on the disenfranchisement of voters. Many young people did not register to vote before the election date was announced as they were under the impression the election would be held in May 2022. People displaced from Abaco and Grand Bahama who intend to return home were unable to vote in their current islands of residence.

EDITORIAL: The public rejected Dr Minnis and it’s time to go

Former Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis has reached the end of the road as FNM leader – the only question now is when he will leave the post.

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PETER YOUNG: New security pact finds friends and foes - especially the French

SUCH is the continuous news cycle in today’s world of instantaneous communications that what is top of the agenda today can all too readily be ignored tomorrow when it is overtaken by fresh events.

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FACE TO FACE: Template for success – even in a pandemic

Businesses that have not learned to adapt to the new normal of a pandemic by implementing digital aspects to their operations are getting left behind.

Transparency is easy to say, harder to live up to

AN end to secrecy, and a building of trust.