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ALICIA WALLACE: Know your rights over family leave

THERE are many laws in The Bahamas that need to be reformed for various reasons. Over the past few years, I have specifically focused on gender inequality in the law and laws that have the effect of perpetuating and sustaining gender stereotypes. One law that does not often get attention is the Employment Act.

EDITORIAL: Pay attention to details on Budget day

TODAY is a landmark day for the Davis administration – its first full Budget presentation.

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FACE TO FACE: The Legacy of Uncle Lou

SOME educators come into the lives of children and leave such an impact on them, that they are never forgotten. Deacon Leviticus Lewis Joseph Adderley was one of them. As the beloved principal of St. Augustine’s College for many years, he impacted the lives of countless SAC students, molding nation leaders and global influencers.

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PETER YOUNG: Northern Ireland in the spotlight

THE Northern Ireland Protocol agreed between Britain and the European Union as part of the arrangements for the former’s withdrawal from the bloc has been controversial and a source of tension since it came into force at the beginning of last year.

EDITORIAL: No excuse for failing to disclose

“THERE are a lot of persons who missed.”

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DIANE PHILLIPS: The day the rains came

IT was Friday, the 13th.

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A legacy: Leah O’Brien of Cat Island

Timothy 1:3-5: 3 I give thanks to God, whom I serve with a clear conscience, as my ancestors did. I thank him as I remember you always in my prayers night and day. 4 I remember your tears, and I want to see you very much, so that I may be filled with joy. 5 I remember the sincere faith you have, the kind of faith that your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice also had. I am sure that you have it also.

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STATESIDE: A different kind of politician for Washington

JOHN Fetterman doesn’t look like a Washington politician. And that’s an understatement.

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FRONT PORCH: Democracy threatened around the world

“IN every region of the world, democracy is under attack by populist leaders and groups that reject pluralism and demand unchecked power to advance the particular interests of their supporters, usually at the expense of minorities and other perceived foes.” – Freedom House.

EDITORIAL: If there has been wrongdoing, then prosecute

THE ongoing row over the role played by the National Food Distribution Task Force has been an unpleasant one.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Back to the office - but is that best?

MOST of us spend more time working than doing anything else. We are trained for this from childhood.

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PETER YOUNG: A fine British tradition

AS always, it was an impressive display of pomp and circumstance. In the grand surroundings of the House of Lords chamber in the Palace of Westminster in London, the State Opening of Parliament took place last week to mark the ceremonial start of the parliamentary year.

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FACE TO FACE: Inspiring others helps golf caddy Taneka Mackey stay on course

MEETING Taneka Mackey is an eye opener. She seems to shatter stereotypes all around her. You may think that because she’s a golfer and a professional caddy that she might be somewhat reserved. But Taneka is very down-to-earth with that raw, pure island girl quality in her mannerisms and lingo.

EDITORIAL: Not good enough over power outages, Minister

FOR weeks now, there have been fairly regular power outages in New Providence – and as summer nears, there are obvious concerns about how well our power grid will cope when air conditioning gets cranked up to full.

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WORLD VIEW: Wise heads should prevail at Summit of the Americas

THE Summit of the Americas, scheduled to be held in Los Angeles from June 8 to 10, should be regarded by all the Heads of Government, as a golden opportunity to address the many challenges now confronting the hemisphere.