EDITORIAL: The toughest of sentences to give

“Difficult matters make for difficult decisions.”

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A COMIC'S VIEW: What not to do at the Christmas party

CHRISTMAS is upon us and there’s nothing more “political” than office Christmas parties.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Standing idle as corruption reigns carries a heavy price

Fighting corruption would be a lot easier if it had at least a little sex appeal.

EDITORIAL: A victory for Minnis - but a greater battle ahead

As predicted, the vote of no confidence – which was switched around to become a vote of confidence – ended up in Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ favour.

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STATESIDE: Does Trump magic still work for the ‘lost’ Democrats?

Like many American states, Pennsylvania is bifurcated. There are the cities. And then there is the rest of the state.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Human rights are not something to fight for, they are something we already have - even Haitians

We are all born free and equal. We are all entitled to human rights. We all have the right to life, freedom and safety. Gender, race, nationality, class and education level are non-factors. We do not have to earn human rights. There are inherently ours.

EDITORIAL: Why the sudden turnaround on minimum wage?

The news of a rise in the minimum wage to at least $300 per week will be a welcome one for public workers – and beyond if the private sector follows suit.

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ALFRED M SEARS, QC: We need to build a safe and prosperous future for The Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian’s $3.4 billion loss has decimated 27 percent of the GDP of The Bahamas making it impossible for the country to make its budgeted $340 million debt servicing on the $8.4 billion outstanding national debt.

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FACE TO FACE: Bind us together – How Marsha poured her energy and effort into building a safe place for battered women

Often when one decides that they want to make a difference in the world, they get involved in some kind of club or NGO… maybe a church’s ministry outreach programme.

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PETER YOUNG: Why one act of evil should not destroy all hope

SUCH is the US mainstream media’s concentration on domestic issues that the serious terrorist attack which took place at the end of last month on London Bridge in the heart of Britain’s capital may even have escaped some people’s notice altogether.

EDITORIAL: We hope a life will be saved thanks to the lessons learned from Aidan

There is no greater tragedy than the loss of a child. In today’s Tribune, we tell Aidan’s story. Aidan Roger Dupuch-Carron was born on November 24, 2015, and it was in the following July that his long battle began.

EDITORIAL: They deserve a medal

After Hurricane Dorian, the stories were horrific.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Why we need to grasp the benefits of medical marijuana

WITH Prime Minister Minnis’ recent stance, supporting legalising and decriminalising marijuana in The Bahamas, medicinal marijuana and its benefits to both patients and providers should also be tabled.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: It all starts with a simple idea

Who among us hasn’t at one moment or another thought, “If only I were younger” or “If only I had more financial backing, I could do such-and-such” or “Why doesn’t someone create a business to do (xyz)?”

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STATESIDE: A time when the president didn’t always get his way

The World Meteorological Organization this week revealed its annual report on the state of the global climate. It won’t surprise anyone to hear the forecast is dire.