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STATESIDE: Georgia changed the rules and laid bare a dark, racist intolerance

Doesn’t it seem like the United States is coming apart at the seams? Consider the following:

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FRONT PORCH: America the Violent

A concatenation of recent brutal events in America are knottily stitched together in a star-spangled and blood-soaked banner of racial and gun violence that stretches from the inception of America to the present day.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Our Caribbean cousins need help and we should not be slow to provide it

On Friday, April 9 there was an explosive eruption of St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ La Soufrière volcano for the first time since 1979. It sent plumes of ash 3.7 miles into the air. This came one day after the country’s Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves issued a Stage 3 disaster alert which was followed by an evacuation order to communities in the red zone. Early estimates indicated that 16,000 people—15 percent of the population—would be displaced as a direct result of this disaster.

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PETER YOUNG: Raise a glass to Prince Philip - he wouldn’t like all the fuss but he surely deserves it

WHEN Prince Charles spoke publicly for the first time following the news on Friday of the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh he said how amazed his father would have been by the reaction of so many to his passing, both in Britain itself and around the world – not least in the Commonwealth – and that he would have been surprised and touched by the depth of feeling and sorrow expressed by millions.

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FACE TO FACE: A real ‘son of the soil’ seeking to pass on his knowledge

THE term Bahamian “son of the soil” could never be more true or have such literal meaning as it does for Dr Robert Taylor. He is a soil scientist and environmental chemist whose expertise has been utilised throughout the United States, including Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, Michigan and Florida, and even extends throughout the world. His work in the study of the soil has been critical to crop performance in the agricultural industry in the US.

EDITORIAL: Nothing adds up in Abaco shanty raid

THE raid on The Farm shanty town in Abaco yesterday was a big operation.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Man’s best friend - then it’s time we started treating them properly

When it comes to pets, humans can be a downright mess. Even those of us who love our Bellas, Fluffys and Fidos and smugly think we are spoiling them, are doing them wrong.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Big Apple gives marijuana green light

IT HAS long been said about New York, that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

EDITORIAL: Another detention, another court defeat for govt

AFTER holding seven people in detention for nearly two years, it turns out that the government couldn’t even explaining why they had done so.

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STATESIDE: We’ve not even had 100 days of Biden and all eyes are on 22’s elections

Coverage of the US Senate is everywhere in American media these days.

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FRONT PORCH: US Republicans are facing an existential threat

Lights, camera and an admixture of antebellum and Jim Crow action as Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed into law sweeping voting restrictions designed to suppress minority voters in the state after it voted last November for Joe Biden as President and both a black and a Jewish man as federal senators.

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THE ART OF GRAPHIX: Cons of the graphic designer career

I NEED the design today? Really…

EDITORIAL: Cases must not be delayed further

IN this column yesterday, we discussed the principle of justice delayed being justice denied – and just how much it is delayed in the case of police-involved killings has become clearer still.

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ALICIA WALLACE: It’s everyone’s job to keep our children safe

APRIL is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and, in recent weeks, there have been several reports of men attempting to assault school-age girls. There has been the usual outrage. It is horrifying to know these predators are on the loose, targeting children. If not for the vigilance and intervention of others, more children would be victims of sexual assault.

EDITORIAL: We must do all we can to stop third wave

THE concerns over mounting cases of COVID-19 continue – with 92 new cases over the holiday weekend.