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Economy cannot hit 5k annual new jobs need

The Bahamas will never generate the 4,000-5,000 new jobs that it needs per year over the next two decades by remaining reliant on its ‘twin pillar’ economic model, a top attorney warned yesterday.

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Oil opponents: BPC gives us ‘no choice’

OIL exploration opponents last night said they have “no choice” but to apply for an injunction halting Bahamas Petroleum Company’s (BPC) activities as its drilling ship began its voyage to this nation.

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Resorts voice fears on COVID ‘seeds of doubt’

A HARBOUR Island hotelier is hoping that the “seeds of doubt” sown by COVID-19 lockdowns and other restrictions will evaporate once the Government “lands” on a more consistent approach.

Central Bank expands its demolition to Post Office

The Central Bank yesterday said it was asked to extend the demolition work for its new headquarters to also include the take-down of the General Post Office building across the street.

URCA unveils changes to its pricing structures

The Bahamas’ communications regulator yesterday said pricing structure changes for satellite services and FM spectrum bands will take place within the next few months.

Early 2021 for disaster management regulation

The Bahamian communications industry regulator yesterday said disaster management regulations for the sector will be implemented by early 2021.

Gymnastics centre fails to find rebound ‘miracle’

A Grand Bahama fitness centre and gymnastics school has permanently closed after failing to pull- off the “miracle” needed to rebound from Hurricane Dorian’s destruction of its facilities and equipment.

IAN FERGUSON: Motivating workers to the benefit of all

Employee benefits are any form of compensation paid to employees over and above their regular salary or wages. Employee benefits come in many forms, and are an important part of the overall compensation package offered to workers. Here we outline three common examples of small business employee benefits that will prove most beneficial in 2021.

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Fisheries split deepens on proposed foreign bar

THE fisheries industry’s divide over plans to bar foreigners from working on Bahamian-owned boats deepened yesterday as the two sides hit out at the positions each have taken.

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Investigators: Get Sky’s records for fate of $28m

FORENSIC investigators have urged Sky Bahamas’ main financier to subpoena its accounts via the Supreme Court so the fate of more than $28m advanced to the failed airline can be determined.

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Bahamas to get $60m for COVID battle boost

The Government is set to borrow $60m to boost the public health sector in its fight with COVID-19 and eliminate the paper-based system it employed to manage the crisis up until August 2020.

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‘Enormous sum’ for senator’s relatives

THE Auditor General says a Senator’s relatives stand to earn “an enormous sum” from leasing their Gladstone Road property to a government agency that typically loses over $1m per year.

ART OF GRAPHIX: Design a way out of your ‘comfort zone’

All designers were not born professionals. At some point in their career they were amateurs. And even if a masterpiece was created, there is always room for correction, accentuation and criticism. While perfection comes with trials, persistence and inspiration is the power to achieve greater heights. Being an inspiration means being a role model or the driving force for the people of your genre.

Food store awaits mid December sales rise

A food store yesterday said they anticipate sales will increase by mid-December following the traditional “seasonally low period” that normally occurs at this time of year.

Gym owner ‘unsettled’ by indifference to his plight

A Bahamian gym owner yesterday branded the Government’s seeming indifference to his and the wider sector’s plight as “unsettling” as a competitor switched their focus to other ventures.