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Doctors’ GB plans gain $13.5m boost

Doctors Hospital’s president last night said a $13.5m Canadian investment will accelerate the launch of a Grand Bahama care facility “comparable to our New Providence” assets by 2022.

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‘Don’t fall into tax reform trap’

GOVERNANCE reformers yesterday warned Bahamians not to fall “into the tax reform trap” by failing to first tackle inefficiency, wasteful spending and corruption in a bloated government.

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Digital provider eyes ‘exponential’ growth on Sand Dollar move

A Bahamian digital payments provider yesterday said it expects its near-20,000 client base to “increase exponentially” after enabling them to transact in Sand Dollars without any restrictions.

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The object in the stars that could be a sign of alien life


BLAISE Pascal was a 17th Century French philosopher, theologian, mathematician and physicist who created the famous Pascal’s Wager. A theory, in which he argues a rational person should live as though God exists. The principle is simple: if God really exists the believer will only suffer the loss of some terrestrial pleasures in exchange for infinite gains (eternal life in paradise); on the other hand, the non-believer stands to enjoy the limited and short term benefits of a sinful terrestrial life but will afterwards endure eternity in hell.

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Marinas eye ‘five-fold’ yacht charter growth

A SENIOR marina executive says he expects The Bahamas’ yacht charter business “to grow five-fold within the next five years” based on rapidly-increasing interest in the destination.

BTC offering 21% niche ISP discount

THE Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) is offering niche Internet Service Providers (ISP) a 21 percent discount to what it charges its own retail customers for using its network infrastructure.

Fishermen now realising new Act’s consequences

BAHAMIAN fishermen are now realising the controversial Fisheries Bill 2020 has a far greater impact than simply banning Dominican fishermen, critics of the legislation are arguing.

Gov’t facing ‘ejection’ over $26m land claim

The Government is being threatened with “ejection” from the North Eleuthera Airport and other assets unless it pays almost $26m in compensation for their use over a six-decade period.

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NIB chair: We’ll recover $10.8m

The National Insurance Board’s (NIB) chairman yesterday reassured social security beneficiaries it will recover the $10.8m Ministry of Housing loan that was the subject of a scathing auditor’s report.

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Downtown chief ‘not as negative’ as Carnival boss

The Downtown Nassau Partnership’s (DNP) co-chair yesterday said he was “not as negative” as senior Carnival executives on the city’s prospects although he agreed “there’s room for improvement”.

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Leading banker hits out over VAT ‘maze’

The Government “created a maze” for the Bahamian private sector and consumers when it abandoned the low-rate, broad base VAT model, a prominent banker is arguing.

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Carnival: Anchor damage is not us

Carnival Cruise Line executives have told Tribune Business none of their ships were involved in causing damage to the seabed while at anchor off the Berry Islands.

BTC announces Foster as new chief executive

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) yesterday confirmed Tribune Business's Monday revelation that André Foster has been named chief executive with effect from March 1, 2021.

Investment body elects new board

An association representing Bahamian investment and securities professionals has unveiled its new Board of Directors who will serve a two-year term.

Crawfish prices slump over 20%

Bahamian fishermen yesterday said average crawfish prices have dropped by 21.5 percent for this season compared to last year.