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How do you heal a broken heart?

MOST of us have sadly experienced the intense emotional pain that comes with having one’s heart broken – be it due to a romantic relationship ending, a loved one dying, or one’s hopes and dreams failing.

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Kerima overcomes tragedy to win top graduate award

Now that Kerima Smith has completed her Master of Science degree in Management Studies with distinction from the University of the West Indies (Open Campus Bahamas) and snagged the top graduate award, she is more fervent about higher learning than ever.

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The under-eye struggle is real

At some point in your life you will be looking in the mirror and asking, what is going on with my eyes?

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Lost and found family

Adoption is a topic that is not often talked about in the Bahamas. Yet there are hundreds of children in the country who have either been left orphaned after the deaths of their parents or were given up by their biological parents. For many of them, one of the country’s several children’s homes is the only home they will ever know.

LIFE LINES: Write your own story, Cinderella!

Writing your story doesn’t have to be taken literally, although if you feel you have a story to tell by all means write it.

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Mia’s Abaco-inspired dishes land her top spot in culinary competition

Hurricane Dorian couldn’t put a stop to her dreams, and neither could a malfunctioning oven.

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T...Find out what it means to the ‘Foxy Ladies’

New Bahamian rom-com premieres this Valentine’s Day

A battle of the sexes is brewing in a new Bahamian film set to premiere this Valentine’s Day.

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Conference seeks to show women how to love themselves

Shena C Johnson wants every woman to know one vital thing about herself: “You’re worth it”.

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How the Lamaze method helps you during childbirth

The process of giving birth is a miraculous one. However, with so much information floating around, it can also be a nerve-wracking, anxiety-ridden time. To make things a bit easier, a local licenced educator recommends couples attending Lamaze classes.

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Embracing the all-natural you

There are two positive trends that Morgan Pearson follows when it comes to both her personal and professional life: the organic movement and the increased embracing of natural hair within the black community.

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BTVI exchange programme ignites a fire in Edwinique

“When I came to BTVI, I never once imagined that this would’ve been the gateway God used to let my desires come to fruition.”

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LIFE LINES: Technology, like medicine, has side effects

Technology – a blessing and sometimes a curse. The worldwide web, the internet and a plethora of social media are firmly entrenched in our daily lives. There is now a generation which knows nothing of a life without social media. In 1990/91 the worldwide web was born, and although universal usage is a mere 20 or so years old and still growing exponentially, we rarely stop to think about a downside and yet there are significant signs that there are many relating to our emotional well-being and personal relationships.

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A poetic expression of womanhood

Inspired by Maya Angelou and with the goal to define womanhood in the 21st century in mind, Tamara Bethel returns with the second edition of her “Woman Thou Art” poetry showcase.

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A female friendship leads to the ‘Perfect Finish’

LAUNCHING a business is never easy. Add having a full-time job and tertiary studies to the mix and an entrepreneurial venture can seem far out of reach.

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LIFE LINES: Instinct and intuition – your inner compass

Intuition, instinct. Those two words are sometimes interchangeable although I would probably ascribe slightly different shades of meaning to each, as intuition frequently gets used pejoratively, especially when used as a phrase “woman’s intuition”. But I won’t go there today. Instead I want to talk about that innate sense of instinct or intuition when you just feel something – good or bad – about a situation or a person.