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YOU GO GIRL: Going Global

Out of more than 170 entries from 44 countries, Bahamian twelfth grader Sierra Blair captured first runner-up in the Girls’ Voices at Home video challenge – a competition which invited young women aged 13 to 26 to share how they are staying strong and continuing their education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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THIS YEAR, there were no shouts or applauses to usher in the new Miss Bahamas Universe, Shauntae Miller. Instead, Miss Miller received her accolades by virtual means due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Barri lost her family to Hurricane Dorian - now she's trying to rebuild

AFTER SURVIVING three nights at the mercy of the ocean during Hurricane Dorian, Bahamian Baronette “Barri” Thomas was airlifted to the Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau on September 4, 2019. Her husband and three children were never to be seen again.

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Is ‘working from home’ putting extra strain on women?

Working from home, the “new normal” for many right now, may have sounded very appealing a few months ago. Women, mothers in particular, hoped that staying home would help them in taking care of their kids, who have been mostly off from school since March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Toni Braxton inspires with unusual skincare routine

From naming her wigs, to using unorthodox objects to help complete her makeup look, R&B superstar Toni Braxton certainly caught the attention of many women when she revealed her beauty secrets to Vogue during a recent video tutorial.

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Miss Bahamas Universe ends reign disappointed in pageant system

As her reign comes to an end, outgoing Miss Bahamas Universe Tarea Sturrup gives up her crown with disappointment in her heart and unfulfilled dreams of making a difference.

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Does smash hit ‘WAP’ expose sexist double standard?

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion have stirred up a storm of controversy with their new song and accompanying music video “WAP”.

When it's time to have 'The Talk'

Talking to your kids about the birds and the bees can be embarrassing for many parents.

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Island tale to inspire women to follow dreams

A new novel by a Bahamian author seeks to inspire young women to always follow their dreams, regardless of the circumstances.

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Wedding woes – Vendors seek dialogue with government

The wedding industry has been thrown into chaos. Many brides and grooms are distraught over cancellations and repeated postponements. The weddings that are still happening have been vastly downsized, and wedding vendors have found themselves in an indefinite limbo.

Parents beware: Predators luring girls through social media

Social media has become the new playground for child predators, who sit behind the computer, watch their prey in cyberspace and then make a move to connect. Likes, comments and post shares are like candy – they appear innocent at first, but are used as bait to reel in the unsuspecting minor.

The emotional toll of ‘standing by your man’

Songs like Tammy Wynette’s famous “Stand by Your Man”, phrases like “you made your bed, now lie in it”, or hip hop’s “ride or die” culture, can make women feel obligated to play the supportive role no matter the circumstances.

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YOU GO GIRL: Justice the ‘Gem Girl’

SHE may be only 10 years old, but Justice A Hall is a girl with mission, and her own company.

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LIFE LINES: The certainty of uncertainty

As humans we like to define our lives with certainty with predictability. We believe that if we know the answers we will survive.

Moms, how much online privacy do you give your kids?

In the age of the internet and social media, just exactly how much privacy should children be allowed when it comes to online activities?