Single Mothers United - On The Move

BAHAMIAN Kaynell Gould remembers when the first “Single Mothers United” meeting was held in the comfort of her home - 20 years ago.

Surpassing Expectations: Part II

In Part I, we considered what it meant to surpass expectations when it came to character as it relates to friendship, family and marriage. In this meditation, the challenge to our young people continues, even as we also promise them to lead by example.

The Man In The Mirror

Father’s Day is a day that is observed by many throughout parts of the world.

Chorale to celebrate fathers

TO pay special tribute and honour all fathers, this Sunday, Christ the King Contemporary Chorale is hosting a special concert with the aim of uplifting and celebrating.

Anglican Church Men hold 46th annual conference

The Anglican Church Men of the Diocese of The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands hosted its 46th annual conference in Georgetown, Exuma. The Exuma experience was rewarding. It allowed branches from across the diocese from as far north as Grand Bahama and as far south as the Grand Turk to benefit from hospitality and service while driving forward this year’s conference theme, “Renewing the Vision of your Saints”.

Meditation: Surpassing expectations – Part I

When we speak to Christians, we tell them what we expect from them concerning their faith. Especially in this upcoming season of Pentecost, we can let them know that the indwelling Holy Spirit will enable them to meet God’s highest expectations.

A fun, wholesome weekend for young Christians

TEENS looking for wholesome, positive fun during this long holiday weekend may find a dose of it during The Glory Seekers Weekend 2019.

The will of God

The single most important duty of the believer in both life and ministry is knowing and carrying out God’s will. The critical question is how do we know God’s will?

Bishop of Jamaica elected to serve as Archbishop of the West Indies

The Bishop of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, Howard Gregory has been elected to serve as Archbishop and Primate of the Church of the Province of the West Indies.

When the blood cries out

Reading about the senseless, cold-blooded homicides in our nation’s capital is very disconcerting and depressing. The murder count in our country continues to soar in an unprecedented manner, and it is indubitably a thorn in our sides.

It’s in you!

The days of summer are upon us and kids have tossed away everything academic for the next few months. However, just because school is out it doesn’t mean that all learning has to stop. We still want the summer to be a time of learning for kids, just in a different way.

Igniting the Pentecost fire at Calvary

Bishop James Newry and Elder Queenie Newry, along with the leadership and members of Calvary Deliverance Church the public to celebrate with them during their inaugural Pentecost Fire Conference. The conference will start on Tuesday, June 11, and continue until Thursday, June 13. Nightly sessions begin at 7pm.

Bahamas Feeding Network extends a helping hand to those in need

More than 16 non-profit feeding centre and church outreach programmes on Grand Bahama were the recipients of some much-needed assistance from the Bahamas Feeding Network (BFN) recently.

The law of incense

Of the various laws which govern the kingdom of God, one of the most important laws is the law of increase. In its most basic form, the law of increase states that what we do not use decreases, and what we use increases.

Let's fight for our happiness!

Boy, this is a hard one! Life continues to throw us lemons, ingratitude, stress, disappointment, infidelity, and on and on. How are we to find an iota of happiness in the midst of a culture of chaos? Many of us are flamming a smile, a cheer, a good word and don’t really mean it. Are you flamming it, hoping to make it?