In support of the Prime Minister

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The general media has long been opposed to the ascension of the Hon Philip “Brave” Davis, MP, KC as Prime Minister of this wonderful nation of ours. They would appear to have bought into the bogus narrative of elements within the very PLP itself and the so-called opposition. Some said that he could not lace two sentences together. Others called him too black and too short amongst other things that are unprintable. Time has proven them all wrong and wrong big time.

The nation has recovered nicely from the the worst effects of COVID-19. There have been false starts and over estimated results which have yet to occur, but it is to be admitted that the Davis administration is on the right tract. Yes, the Grand Lucayan has yet to be disposed off. Yes, the International Airport over in Freeport is a work in progress and, yes, the RCI proposal is “in the air” for the time being but no sensible Bahamian will write off the possibility of a sensible and workable sale.

Dr Minnis spoke about “weak” leadership but has refused, so far, to address the infamous Oban fiasco. Turnquest, the former Deputy Prime Minister was obliged to demit office and was refused a re-nomination, without explanation. One of the principal spokespersons for Oban has now been charged in USA federal court with fraud. Weak leadership?

Minnis fired Pintard as FNM chairman and kicked Sands out of cabinet. Now those two rejected FNM personalities are in charge. The Minnis administration was the weakest of the weakest administrations in recent memory. It may very well be splitting hairs relative to the “opposition” of the Hon Glenys Hanna-Martin (PLP-Englerston) to the RCI “deal” over at Paradise Island, but more cabinet discipline is needed. There has been, so far, no demonstration of weakness so far by PM Davis.

The print media in particular has always been, in my view, anti-Brave Davis and partial towards people like Minnis and his cohorts. Brave successfully hosted the recent CARICOM 47th conference conference, but there was scant mention of the same in the print media except for some fringe groups and personalities being arrested for some nebulous case or perceived grievances. Not a single congratulatory word.

The next apparent false narrative is that the Davis administration may have shafted a Bahamian entrepreneur over at Paradise Island. The Devil is still a liar. I told Smith years ago that while he may have had an “expectation” of a lease being granted, he never had a valid and legally binding lease. He paid me no mind despite the free legal advice. I also advised him to keep what might appear to be just juicy mouth shout in public. Again, he refused to listen to me and ran right out the other day in the media. This is not how sensitive negotiations are or should be conducted. He has since “apologised” and blamed it on his 11 years frustration! That, of course, will not curt and a more substantive “apology” is necessary.

The PM has also pulled The Bahamas onto the world stage, warts and all. We are now a major player in geopolitics yet shell shocked Minnis, who has been rejected twice before by his parliamentary colleagues, has the nerve to suggest that Brave is a weak leader and is beyond the pale. At the rate that this administration is going, the Brave era is just beginning.



March 23, 2023.


themessenger 2 months, 1 week ago

Bodie’s anointing of Brave’s buns just can’t done. Just another beggar at the banquet but still singing for his supper nonetheless.


stillwaters 2 months, 1 week ago

This writer is irretrievably lost in Lala Land if he is making a demigod out of Brave.


wellsy242 2 months, 1 week ago

While it is certainly true that some media outlets may have been critical of Hon Philip “Brave” Davis in the past, it is not fair to dismiss all criticism as mere opposition propaganda. The media has a responsibility to hold leaders accountable and to report on their successes and failures objectively.

Furthermore, while the nation may be recovering from the effects of COVID-19, it is important to acknowledge that there is still work to be done. The issues with the Grand Lucayan and the International Airport in Freeport cannot be ignored, and it is reasonable for the public to expect progress on these matters.

As for Dr Minnis and his administration, their shortcomings should not be used as a justification for any missteps by the current government. It is important for the Davis administration to be accountable for their actions and to work towards improving the lives of Bahamians. In terms of Dr Minnis and his administration, it is not productive to compare them to the current government as a way of deflecting criticism. It is important to evaluate the current government based on their own merits and actions, rather than using the failures of previous administrations to excuse any missteps. Holding leaders accountable is necessary to ensure that the government is working in the best interests of the people.

Finally, while it is commendable that the Davis administration hosted the recent CARICOM conference and is making strides on the world stage, this does not excuse any potential mistreatment of Bahamian entrepreneurs. Sensitive negotiations should always be conducted with respect and fairness, and any accusations of impropriety should be thoroughly investigated.

In short, while the Davis administration should be given credit where it is due, it is important to avoid dismissing all criticism as opposition propaganda and to hold the government accountable for its actions.


pablojay 2 months, 1 week ago

Wow! This is the third time that just by looking at the "Letter to the Editor" section ,that i was able to figure out,(not guess) the letter's writer. Bodie is really full of it.


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