We’re obligated to foreigners with fat wallets

EDITOR, The Tribune.

If I might make a couple of observations on this ongoing saga. My understanding of agreements is limited but I do not think that the easiest way out is for Mr Smith to reapply.

Agreements don’t die when the Government changes from one party to the next and the signatories are simply those of the Minister in place from time to time.

If, when the Agreement was initially offered by Dr Minnis, he died before it was returned would the Agreement also die? I think not. So, there should be no earthly reason that PM Davis cannot sign it now.

Dr Minnis nor Mr Davis has withdrawn the Agreement nor has the Court. As Mr Bumble noted in Dickens Oliver Twist, if the law assumes that the Agreement is invalid then the law is an ass.

The second observation is that neither Dr Minnis nor Mr Davis nor the Cabinet of either Prime Minister, thought enough about the Bahamian Project that Mr Smith was planning, to tell RCI that there was a project.

Is going to be a first-class Bahamian Beach Club that your passengers and those of ALL other cruise ships will be more than welcome to attend. Only one solitary voice has come forward and voiced what should have been a unanimous vote for the Bahamian project! That lone solitary voice is that of a Bahamian patriot, Glenys Hanna Martin. Shame on the Bahamians!

We will never be a truly independent country until we no longer feel obligated to the foreigner with a fat wallet.



March 23, 2023.


themessenger 2 months, 1 week ago

Right on the money....................


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