Cruise deal strikes nerve

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The Minister of Education gave her opinion on the pending cruise deal and it seems to have struck a nerve, especially with the politically active. Is it what she said or how she said it? Some are saying that it is more about the time that she chose to say it, however, this is a view she has always held. The leader of the Opposition called for the Prime Minister to have her resign immediately, the Talk Show hosts want her head to roll but the public is saying, "hmmmmmm?" Especially those who were politically aware for the 50 plus years.

Why the uproar? She brought up the "Bahamianisation" issue. The one that the Progressive Liberal Party established and talks a lot about, and it is the same one that the Free National Movement talks about also. Why was an attempt made to shut her down? Both the PLP and the FNM are guilty of talk, as the number of foreigners profiting from our Tourism product increase at a steady pace. Observers say that legal fees are a key component in many of these investments; especially if Crown land is involved.

Many were shocked to see in this morning's paper that Minister Hanna-Martin has the full support of the Prime Minister, he may have been the only sensible person in the lot, but then he knows that any other decision would have created a battle that he would have lost to the "Iron Lady". The noise also shows a lack of maturity among some, but also ignorance and the absence of a sense of history. The present Minister of Education has a political pedigree that is presently unequaled by any member of Parliament and that is just the way it is. She should have been Davis‘ Deputy but for some reason the Prime Minister chose a person who came into the fold with a nomination from the Opposition Party in his hand. I would behoove Mr Cooper to bide his time and wait for the dust on this one to settle and stay away from the ongoing political hackery.

More than likely the "B" topic will continue and even derail the pending deal that was so adamantly touted by the Prime Minister. With the current state of the nation, it may be a good thing that this topic gets the attention it needs. Mr Pintard needs to go through "Race and Politics in the Bahamas", by Colin A Hughes paying special attention to the conclusions gathered therein. The Constitution we have was aimed at making the majority of Bahamians employees of the Government, but I think that this intent may be causing a problem with any Bahamianisation programme, and then you add insult to injury when the persons we elect every five years, swear allegiance to the Queen (now King) and her successors and not to the prime minister.



March 20, 2023.


Porcupine 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Too bad The Bahamas has been nearly destroyed by petty politics. It continues, and debilitates on every Family Island too. No matter what most politicians say, they benefit from the ignorance, greed and jealousy that permeates our nation. Were we to educate ourselves and work for the betterment of our nation, how many of these jokers would occupy positions of power? Very, very few indeed. A "New Day", or "The People's Time" must include an entirely new cast of politicians. The Bahamas would lose little if our government was ENTIRELY replaced with honor roll high school students beginning tomorrow.


stillwaters 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Poor people are easily corruptible, including broke politicians. Too many people, even our clergy, are looking for contracts they are not qualified to get, board seats they are not qualified to hold, consultancy positions for issues they know nothing about, ministerial posts they are lost in, postings they got by lying and through harming others, and it goes on and on and on with each government.


LastManStanding 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Tbh I think that people are gassing the significance of this issue up way higher than it actually is. The average Bahamian has far too many more pressing matters to worry about than whatever happens with this deal. The thing is that this situation is not even the worst scandal Brave them have had so far; they literally admitted to brazen theft a little while back (Bermuda trip) and nobody literally batted an eye. Aside from Lincoln Bain, nobody in this country really seems to care.


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