Funds for a women’s shelter for domestic violence victims will be allocated in new budget, PM says

The scene in the House of Assembly as the Budget communication is delivered.

The scene in the House of Assembly as the Budget communication is delivered.

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Tribune Staff Reporter


THE government will build a shelter for women to strengthen support for domestic violence victims, according to Prime Minister Phillip “Brave” Davis.

During his budget communication in the House of Assembly yesterday, Mr Davis said funds for the shelter will be allocated in the new budget .

“We are increasing legal aid support for victims of domestic violence, both within the social services framework and with a Victim Care Fund within the office of the judiciary,” he said.

“My government is fully committed to fighting crime, fighting the causes of crime, and increasing support for victims of domestic violent crime.”

Mr Davis also foreshadowed investments in additional crime-fighting initiatives, saying a comprehensive approach will focus on prevention, detection, prosecution, punishment, and rehabilitation.

“Funding will be provided for the renovation of community centres in the inner-city areas of New Providence,” he said.

“In order to better serve those involved in the administration of justice, the premises and facilities of the courts will be renovated, and a new judicial complex built.”

Mr Davis said the government would further equip Royal Bahamas Police Force officers with proper body cameras and equipment.

“We will continue to invest in technology such as CCTV and body cameras for the Royal Bahamas Police Force, as well as acquire additional vehicles and hire new staff,” he said.

He revealed that the new budget has funding for a new shanty town task force to support the demolition of illegal and unregulated communities.

The Prime Minister gave few details about his plans yesterday. Details are expected to be delivered when the debate on the budget communication happens this month.


ExposedU2C 6 months, 1 week ago

"Victim Care Fund" is yet another unconstitutional special fund being created outside of the Public Treasury; this time in the office of the judiciary. LOL


rosiepi 6 months, 1 week ago

Really? Where are the tables of those monies?


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