‘Slight uptick’ in COVID-19 numbers seen at PMH

Princess Margaret Hospital. (File photo)

Princess Margaret Hospital. (File photo)


Tribune Staff Reporter


COVID-19 units at Princess Margaret Hospital are full due to a slight increase in cases, a hospital official said.

PMH Medical Chief of Staff Dr Caroline Burnett- Garraway spoke about admission trends at the hospital during a tour of the facility on Saturday.

“So our patient mix, we see about 25 percent paediatric patients and there was recently a surge with the RSV and different viruses that were circulating in the US and also in The Bahamas,” she said.

“And our COVID numbers there’s a slight uptick now as well. Meaning elderly persons, so they’re coming in for other reasons. We test all our admissions, and then we find that some of them are COVID positive. So our COVID units are actually full right now.”

Other diseases are leading to overcrowding at the hospital as well as trauma cases such as gunshot victims, she said.

“The non-communicable diseases - so diabetics out of control, hypertensive emergencies, heart attacks, strokes, those are the common things that we’re seeing. Pneumonias as well, mainly in the elderly and, of course, we have our trauma patients. So the assaults, gunshot wounds that continue to challenge us from New Providence and the Family Islands.”

Asked if there may be an increase in people seeking care for ailments that were not treated during the COVID-19 pandemic, she said: “That was a challenge because we weren’t able to do any elective surgery and we’re still challenged with that.

“We have elective cases like ladies who are bleeding who need a hysterectomy. Gentlemen with hernias or urological problems. Our eye surgery is also backed up. So certainly, the pandemic did affect that.”


ThisIsOurs 1 month, 3 weeks ago

"Meaning elderly persons, so they’re coming in for other reasons. We test all our admissions, and then we find that some of them are COVID positive"

They come in because they have COVID.

COVID is a weird disease in that it can affect any and every biological system, all it has to do is damage blood vessels or nerves to the relevant organ. Any organ that needs a blood vessel to function can be damaged by COVID. If your organs dont need blood vessels, you're safe..and required for a science study...The seasonal flu doesn't do that.

If a dialysis patient comes in with kidney problems and they have COVID, more than likely COVID is the culprit, taking advantage of their normally weakened system.

Its not correct to say "they just happened to have COVID".


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