Rentokil: No raccoons are killed

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I wish to respond to a letter you have featured in your letters to the Editor,

The letter claims that we are trapping and killing raccoons.

That is incorrect. We offer a catch and release service and relocate alive raccoons to a non-urban environment out west. (The eastern side of the island is currently where a population explosion appears to be happening).

We do in fact refuse to carry out any harm to the raccoons when asked and only agree to capture them alive and our technicians relocate them.

We use tins of sardines as the bait and no poison of any kind is used.

I think it’s important to correct an important error such as this and be given that right of reply as soon as possible.

Mark McCluskey

General manager, Rentokil,

The Bahamas,

January 26, 2023


rentokil-initial.com 4 months ago

A further Update to those following this story, is since the erroneous letter was sent to the Editor , Rentokil has been inundated with calls to carry out the very thing we don't do. Luckily we have been able to persuade most to still allow us to capture and release.


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