A special dance show to celebrate confident women


RAPHY Adderley has been teaching women from all walks of life at The Girl on Pole Studio for the past eight years.


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Supporting women through dance and movement, the Girl on Pole Studio is celebrating its holiday season ‘Sexy Pole Dance Show’ on December 16.

Taking place at the BCPOU Hall, Farrington Road, beginning at 7.30pm, it promises to be a night of pure entertainment.

The Girl on Pole Studio, located on Dowdeswell Street, is a local dance studio that offers lessons in pole dancing, twerking, dancing in heels, and workshops, but it best known for its pole dance parties.

“We’ve been at it for almost eight years now and we are still keeping it hype here on Dowdeswell Street. Girl on Pole is still doing what we do best after all these years: dancing, teaching and supporting women the best way we know – through dance and movement. We’ve always been a place where women can learn, celebrate and be themselves in an environment that was created specifically for us,” said the studio’s founder, Raphy Adderley.

“As we push forward in the dance and entertainment industry, we will continue to support women through their dance journeys and challenges from all walks of life.”

She said the dance parties are a service that keep the studio busy and in the minds of of Bahamians and visitors.

“Women just know they are guaranteed a good time when they party with us. So, to everyone who has taken the time to write us those heartfelt reviews on Facebook or Google, truly we appreciate you all,” said Raphy.

“Pole Dance Parties are a unique experience, offering them puts us in our own lane when it comes to business. Over the years we’ve branched out on an international level, being featured in popular reality TV shows, or running into random women around the world who have visited our studio or who intend to visit when they come to the Bahamas. Like we Bahamians say, ‘We outchea’, and we are definitely growing in many ways and seeing more opportunities day by day.”

When it comes to the upcoming show, Raphy said her students were her biggest motivators in her decision to stage it.

She said she looked at their consistency, strength, talent, tenacity and most of all their growth as “polerinas.” Raphy said there was no way she could deny them the opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned at Girl on Pole.

“I’ve seen student dancers during my world travels and I’ve never been impressed by their performances. I’m not being biased at all, but I’ve definitely taught some strong and talented dancers over the years, so why not showcase them? Our last dance show was held in February of 2016 and I thought it was time to showcase my new breed of dancers,” said Raphy.

She said the first question women often ask about pole dancing is “So where would I ever perform these skills when I learn them?” Raphy is happy to provide the platform to do just that.

“It is important to host an event like this so that everyday women can show off their new skills, hobby, or passion. There are so many moving parts in the dance industry when it comes to pole dancing so we have to give the general public a viewing space to enjoy the many genres, modes and styles of pole dancing. But as for genres, we have only selected one mode for this show, and that is sexy. I often hear my students speak about family and friends who seem to be so inquisitive about what they do here on Dowdeswell Street, even after seeing videos, snippets, or photos,” she said.

“Most people think that if you are pole dancing then somehow you have this desire to pole dance in a club. Our show is here to squash that notion and give student dancers a safe space to display their new talent. My dancers have sacrificed hours of their free time learning their routines and overcoming so much of what comes with performing for an audience. They have been professionally trained by myself and my team so now it is time to put on a ‘Sexy Pole Dance Show’.”

She predicts the highlight of the event will be the group dance movement, which is a segment where all dancers perform at the same time. Raphy said it’s going to be a visually stimulating experience for the audience, so be prepared to be wowed by dancers of all sizes and performance levels.

“Be prepared to be blown away by our performances. Just a heads up that this is an interactive show, so you might be touched or asked to be a small part of the show,” she said.

For information, visit the website www.girlonpoledancestudio. com.

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