Getting glam for the holidays


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If there is ever a time to “get fix up”, like Bahamians say, the Christmas season is it.

Women throughout the islands have booked their hair and nail appointments and have bought or ordered their festive wardrobe.

But why is it so important for women to spruce themselves up during the Yuletide season in particular?

Speaking with Tribune Woman, several readers explained why they are so passionate about looking good for the holidays.

“Well, I’m a ‘keep my appointment in the roster’ kind of girl all year around, but oh baby, when that holiday season comes around, I take to up a notch,” said Monique Evans.

“It’s the one time I’d pay hundreds of dollars on a wig, and extra bling on the nails.”

She also does not judge or liked to be judged for the additional beauty steps she takes during this time of year.

“I live for the extra that women get into during Christmas. One thing I am not and that is a hater. I love offering compliments because if you look nice, you look nice. There so many reasons to be angry and bitter about the stresses of life, so when you see someone spending all that money on hair and nails, I think you should mind your business. You have no idea what that woman may be going through and how what you deem simple, means the world to her. I wish the feeling of the holidays could last all year-round, but I’d say enjoy for what it is and always take the extra route no matter what anyone thinks,” said Monique.

Ellie Dorsett is also ready for the bling, even if it’s more comfortable bling.

“I am planning to sparkle this Christmas. So, I will be wearing a black shirt with sequined sleeves, sequined tennis and jeans. Because I am hosting Christmas at my new house want to be comfortable, but I still want to be really glam,” she said.

“I always buy a new outfit for Christmas Day and I always get my hair done because it is just something about Christmas Day. You just want to look your best. You are seeing family and friends and you want your look to reflect the season.”

Patrice Gibson said she is actually still in the planning stages, figuring out which of the three hairstyles she likes to go with as her holiday look.

“I haven’t picked a winner yet with the hair, but I already know how I want my nails to look. I am going for a neutral nail look for Christmas, which is new for Christmas because people normally go for red. But I will take things up a notch with my outfits because it is indeed the holidays,” she said.

“I have already started my holiday inspired looks in my outfits at work, so for corporate wear I have been choosing to wear plaids and traditional holiday colours like the reds and greens, and even mustard,” said Patrice.

She said it is something about the holidays that makes women want to get into the spirit with fashion and style.

“Christmas is one of the best times of the year and for the most part people are in a good mood and want to feel the festive season. One of the main ways that people do that is by reflecting the season in what they wear and how they look. Not to mention, there are more events happening around this time of year that people would want to participate in and attend. By being all dolled up, you are ready for the road,” said Patrice.

For Caroline Rolle, “getting fixed up” is a must.

“I am changing my regular black hair look to blonde. And my outfits to red, because nobody knows the hour or the time of this life; it’s too short. Look how you want look and dress how you want to dress. My advice is to do what you want to do. Get your lashes done, get everything done. It’s your money, spend it how you want to spend it,” she said.

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