The 25-year-old Kylie with her new Hermés Birkin bag


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The Kardashian family is once again under fire after mom Kris gifted her youngest daughter Kylie a $100,000 Hermés Birkin handbag for her 25th birthday. (She apparently owns at least 10 other Birkin bags from the French fashion house.)

The reality TV stars have often been criticised for their love of the luxury and their lavish lifestyle.

Some have called them insensitive and out of touch, saying that the money spent would be better served if donated to charity.

But here is the question, are you obligated to downplay the trappings of success because there are other people less fortunate than you?

Our Tribune Woman readers, for the most part, say definitely not.

“Say what you want about the Kardashians, they get paid for what they do. They are business moguls and they have a right to spend their money however they chose. I don’t see the difference in them posting an Instagram post or her being photographed wearing the bag out, either way it would showcase the bag and people would complain. She didn’t steal it, so why do you care,” said Antoinette.

She added that people are too judgmental when it comes to what other people do.

“It’s all relative given the amount of money they make. It’s the same as me purchasing my Coach or Kate Spade bags of which I have several. I have my eye on a Louis Vuitton bag for my 40th birthday next year. So, what? Must I be scared to wear the bag or not post the bag because of other people who ain’t put a dollar towards it or did any of the work that paid for it? No ma’am.”

Candice said people can have nice things and at the same time donate to charity.

“Just because they buy a $100,000 bag does not mean that they have not donated to charity or that they don’t do things for people. I wonder if these same people who complain are the ones who buy $100 bags but won’t give a dollar to the homeless man at the stop sign or donate to Go Fund Me account for their co-worker’s daughter,” she said. “There is nothing wrong with splurging.”

Taylor noted that she faced a similar issue when she had a birthday party for her daughter’s fifth birthday.

“I was not in a position to have a big first birthday for my daughter so for her fifth I went big. I posted pictures online and one of my friends texted me and said that I was insensitive because I know people struggling after the pandemic and that it was teaching my daughter to show off and be a brat. But I can give my child whatever I want. I am proud that as a single mom I have reached that point of financial stability so I can do things like that and give her a party like I never had,” she said.

Liz on the other hand she is tired of the Kardashians and their antics.

“We already live in a super materialistic society, creating more waste and more complexes in people. Things are all that people seem to value these days, and look at where that has gotten us as a society: broken. And people just love to show off online to stick it to neighbours, friends and even family, even if they’re pretending they are not doing so,” she said.

“I enjoy nice things as well and treat myself now and again, even to some luxury pieces. But the Kardashians know how many people follow them; young impressionable women and older women who should know better; they know they have a responsibility, and yet they flaunt stuff this. They honestly disgust me. They should’ve listened to Beyonce, who sings in her new song, ‘Birkins, them sh*ts in storage’.”


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