Davis ‘Discomfort’ At End Of Ceremony

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis experienced “a bout of discomfort” at the end of a ceremony where parliamentary secretaries were sworn in at Baha Mar yesterday.

A statement from the Progressive Liberal Party said this discomfort came as a result of a combination of his “routine medication and missing his morning meal.”

The statement said after the event, Mr Davis left for home and quickly recovered from the discomfort. Mr Davis later chaired his administration’s first Cabinet meeting at 2pm yesterday.

“He thanks all those who have expressed a concern,” the PLP’s statement said.


mandela 1 month ago

PM if you need some time to catch yourself, bro take some time off, the FNM came into power and took 3 months off right from the bat, surly you and the warriors deserve at least one month to catch ya breath, The country needs you and winning a race of such importance, the winner has to catch themselves, just ask the 2021 Olympic golden duo they have the medals to prove it.


licks2 4 weeks ago

Heen gat the time man. . .its "sink or swim" time. . .the last government had some time to spear. . .this government don't have a pray or time for anything but getting they behinds to work!!


hrysippus 1 month ago

Wow, this does not bode well.for the future when the stress of governing really kicks in. Discomfort ptresumamily a euphemism for falling out. Diabetes perhaps?


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