Art Of Graphix: Website Content Key To Repeat Customers

Website design is just another way businesses can show their credibility to customers. Having a beautiful website does not always ensure it will be seen, though. In order for a website to show up in the search results, search engines have to know what your website is about.

One of the main ways to educate search engines about your website is through a content page. It is all part of the expedition, and if you do not have one it can really hurt your search engine rankings. Why is this? Content is important to search engine rankings and converting visitors to customers.


Content provides information that can be used to educate search engines about your website. Its purpose may be to either provide information, sell something or to offer a service. It is always wise to optimise your website in such a way that search engines know what your business is all about.

Internal links

Content also provides a great opportunity for internal links. An internal link is text within the content that is hyperlinked to another relevant page on your website. Internal linking is a great way to lead users to additional information they may be looking for.

Calls to action

You can also use content to provide a call to action to your audience. A call to action is an invitation to users to complete an action. A few examples of calls to action are: ‘Contact us’; ‘Request a quote’; ‘Add to cart’; ‘Leave a Review’ and ‘Download a PDF’ or whatever it is you might want users to do on your website.

High quality content is crucial to the success of any website in order to retain visitors and have a high ranking on search engines. Of course, the design of the website is essential in making a good first impression on your visitors, but the content of the website is what will keep customers coming back. Finally, it is important to remember that any content on your site is primarily there for one reason - to generate revenue for your business. Content generation is a form of marketing and, like any form of marketing, you get from it what you put in. So get writing. Until we meet again, fill your life with memories rather than regrets. Enjoy life and stay on top of your game.

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ABOUT COLUMNIST: Deidre M. Bastian is a professionally-trained graphic designer/brand marketing analyst, author and certified life coach with qualifications of A.Sc. B.Sc. M.Sc. She has trained at institutions such as: Miami Lakes Technical Centre, Success Training College, College of The Bahamas, Nova Southeastern University, Learning Tree International, Langevine International and Synergy Bahamas.


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