Nib Chief’S Three-Year Deal Was Standard

FORMER Public Service Minister Brensil Rolle. Photo: Donovan McIntosh/Tribune Staff

FORMER Public Service Minister Brensil Rolle. Photo: Donovan McIntosh/Tribune Staff


Tribune Staff Reporter


FORMER Public Service Minister Brensil Rolle has insisted the Minnis administration did nothing untoward when it executed a three-year contract of employment with National Insurance Board director James Moss.

His appointment followed the exit of Dr Nicolla Virgill-Rolle, the former NIB director.

Speaking to The Tribune yesterday, Mr Rolle said the agreement between Mr Moss and NIB was similar to previous contracts signed by the three former directors.

 The only difference, he said, was the change in salary and name.

 He was contacted after a local daily reported on Monday that the Davis administration was locked into a three-year contract with Mr Moss after the Minnis administration said in March 2021 that his contract had no out clause.

 Asked about the matter yesterday, Mr Rolle was unable to say if the contract had an out clause or not. All he would say is that he knew nothing about it.

 He told The Tribune: “The fact is the director of NIB has been given the same contract as the last three directors of NIB. The only change in the contract has been the salary and the name of the person.”

 “That happens all the time. It happened with Mrs Rolle and the same contract Mrs Rolle had he has and Mrs Rolle left in February of this year. The director left and all we did is visit a new contract for the director and exchanged the name and I believe he may have gotten a $5,000 grant increase. I’m not even sure what it is.”

 He also said: “I don’t know about (the contract having no out clause). All I know is the same contract that was given to all the directors of NIB before Mr Moss, there was an identical contract. There was a contract given by the PLP to a deputy director for five years without no clause.”

 Mr Moss was appointed to the post in February after Dr Virgill-Rolle’s resignation was confirmed last November.

 She had served as the NIB director for more than two years.

 At the time Mr Rolle, who was then NIB minister, admitted he did not take Mrs Virgill-Rolle seriously when she first revealed she was considering resigning.

 Once her decision was made official in writing, Mr Rolle said the board sought to dissuade her, but their efforts were unsuccessful.

 Mr Moss previously held management positions at Deltec Fund Services Limited, Deltec Securities Limited, Deltec Bank & Trust Limited, Texaco Bahamas Limited, Deloitte & Touche Chartered Accountants, Price Waterhouse Chartered Accountants (North York, Canada).

 He served on the boards of Bahamas Power and Light and Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited.


licks2 1 month, 3 weeks ago

This man just don't "get-it". . . he carries on just like a crook" to us!! Een no way we ger believe him over Minister Pia nah!! She is professional. . .een gat no reason to lie on Mr. Rolle. . .who "seem" to "lie at the drop-of-a-hat"!

I guess until the mister "brings" some evidence, we ger "go with" Minister Pia Rolle. . .she seem more credible than the mister "swing"!


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