Parents, Turn In Child Criminals

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Apathy and indifference to crime remain the major reasons for the prevalence of criminality in our country.

Murder, rape and robbery all occur with the complicity of “good people” who cloak criminal family members. Too many criminals, known to the police, are the “good sons” of sainted mothers and fathers in our churches.

Parents who know of the criminal behaviour of their children must ask God for strength to turn in their sons or daughters guilty of criminal offences or more than likely, be prepared to bury them.

Nothing accommodates crime as much as “sanctified silence”.

It is painful for a parent to turn in their child guilty of a crime. But it would be twice as painful to call one of the funeral homes to arrange their funeral.

Too many criminals carry out their lawlessness impervious to the pain they bring to their parents and other family members. But their acts are sustained by the silence of family members who often benefit from their crimes committed.

Family members who know of and benefit from crime have blood on their hands.



September 27, 2020.


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