Waterloo Nightclub Checks Justified

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I was delighted to read the RBPF covid-enforcement unit has been spot checking the Waterloo nightclub.

As a resident of the area, I can’t begin to tell you the grief this club has caused residents in the past with its ear-shattering music, getting louder and louder as the night progressed, into the early hours.

After the club re-opened, the police seemed to turn a deaf ear to pleas from nearby residents.

One policewoman was particularly scornful when we called to complain at some absurd hour, basically saying they could do anything they liked if the music system was stationed inside.

Apparently, the law pertaining to disturbing the peace and being a public nuisance didn’t apply and Waterloo enjoyed Special Club Status. Mmmmm. I wonder why?

Night after night, especially on weekends, people couldn’t sleep in their own homes as music blasted and the BOOM BOOM BOOM of the bass amplified even louder across the lake and penetrated their skulls.

A number of weeks ago, a photograph was posted by a reputable talk show host showing people all jammed up together at Waterloo, no masks or social distancing.

And the folks at Waterloo are now whining that they’re being harassed by the police! Really?

The actions by the police in my opinion are neither arbitrary, nor unfounded, as claimed, but long overdue.

I am of the firm view this was brought on by themselves and by their own actions, they may meet their own Waterloo.

This country is in a battle for its economic survival. We must stop the spread of COVID-19 by wearing masks and socially distancing and stop playing mash-up, mash-up.



September 24, 2020


joeblow 3 weeks, 3 days ago

People can go and mix up at Waterloo, but I have to get curbside service to buy a bottle of wine or pick up a package from a local courier? Seems strange! I wonder what the logic is!


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