Man Stole Car After Being Refused Job Severance Pay


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 24-year-old man, who admitted to stealing someone's car because he was in desperate need of money, was fined $500 on Friday or face six months in prison.

Stevenson Taylor was among several people who appeared before Magistrate Samuel McKinney for theft-related charges.

Officers said Taylor stole and received a 1999 Toyota Corsa valued at $3,000 from Rosena Jean on September 2. He pleaded guilty to the charge.

When given the chance to speak, Taylor told the court that he committed the actions after he was told by his boss that they were not able to give him his severance pay.

"I been down (to) Bacardi (Road) to get my severance pay from my landscaping job but the boss told me how they thief the weed whacker, I can't get pay, so I end up staying there because it was coming towards the curfew timing," he said.

While heading home the next morning, Taylor said he spotted the white Toyota car still running and decided to take it because he was "in desperate need of money".

"I ain't get no job and I break and so when I reached the car, I saw the car running. I sorry but I guess jump in it and gone home (sic)," he said.

Taylor also told the court that it was shortly after he stopped at a local grocery store that he was arrested by police.

He said he admitted the offence while in police custody. He also said he was extremely remorseful for his actions.

After hearing the facts, Magistrate McKinney ordered Taylor to pay $500 of face six months at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services.

Deon Taylor, 43, also stood before Magistrate McKinney after he was accused of stealing a black Samsung cellphone from Emmanuel Lucien valued at $190 on June 18.

The court was also told that Deon Taylor stole the phone's sim card, valued at some $20.

Deon Taylor, who pleaded guilty to the charge, said his actions were not intentional and further claimed that he was under the influence of alcohol when he committed the offence.

He also said he was remorseful for committing the crime.

After hearing all the facts, Magistrate Mckinney ordered Deon Taylor to compensate Mr Lucien for the items stolen. He subsequently paid Mr Lucien $156 during Friday's hearing and was given until today to pay the remaining balance.

Magistrate McKinney told the defendant that failure to do so would result in imprisonment until the fine is paid.

Deon Taylor was also bound to keep the peace for one year. If convicted of any criminal offence during that period, he was told that he will return to court and be sentenced to six months in prison.

Clayton Farrington, 29, was also charged on Friday with one count of stealing after he was accused of stealing three bags of chicken drumsticks valued at $36.95 and one bag of turkey wings valued at $36.95 from Super Value on August 2 while being employed there.

Farrington, who pleaded guilty to the charge, told the court he was remorseful and took full responsibility for his actions.

In response, Magistrate Mckinney told Farrington he should have asked his employer in advance if he could have credited the items until he received his pay.

The defendant was subsequently ordered to compensate Super Value for the items stolen or spend one month in prison.

He was also bound to keep the peace for six months. Magistrate McKinney warned Farrington that if he appears before the court again and is convicted of any criminal offence during that time frame, he would be fined $500 or spend three months in jail.

Also appearing before Magistrate McKinney on Friday was Tyreke Stuart, 24.

It is alleged that on September 1, Stuart caused $2,794.20 worth of damage to Donell Metayer's Nissan March. He is also accused of stealing one Epic battery from Ms Metayer valued at $99.

The defendant pleaded guilty to causing damage but not guilty to stealing the battery.

He was subsequently ordered to compensate the complainant for the damage caused or face one year in prison. He was also fined $500 or an additional three months in prison.

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