$250 Fine Over A Bowl Of Souse


Tribune Staff Reporter


A SAN SALVADOR woman who claimed she violated the weekend lockdown because she left her home to take her friend a bowl of souse was fined $250 yesterday.

Police arrested Lateka Whylly, 34, when they found her on Carmichael Road around 3.20pm on Saturday, October 10.

She pleaded guilty to violating the 24-hour curfew in a hearing before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes.

The court heard that officers on duty in the Carmichael area observed Whylly travelling west on Carmichael Road. The prosecution said when officers beckoned for her to stop and questioned her, she could not give them a “reasonable excuse” for being outside during curfew hours.

As a result, Whylly was ticketed for the offence.

When given an opportunity to speak during the hearing, Whylly told the magistrate she was from San Salvador, but currently staying with relatives in the Carmichael area. She said she did leave her home that day, but only to “dash out” and take her friend some souse as he didn’t have anything to eat.

In response, Magistrate Forbes told her that while he understood that many people perceived the lockdown as an inconvenience, the laws should be adhered to regardless of how a person feels about them. As a result, he fined her $250 or two months at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services.

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