Probation For Punching Father Unconscious


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 20-year-old, who punched his father unconscious last month during a domestic dispute, was put on probation for six months.

Jeffery Moxey Jr appeared before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis yesterday after he was accused of harming his father, Jeffery Moxey Sr, on September 12.

The prosecution said Mr Moxey Sr told police he was at his home when the argument took place, reportedly over paying a portion of the light bill.

The accused was furious and started punching his father in the head, causing Mr Moxey Sr to fall to the ground. The court was told Moxey Jr continued to punch his father on the ground until he passed out. The police were called and arrested the accused. In an interview, he admitted the offence.

Moxey Jr told the magistrate he was at his mother’s house at the time and his father came home drunk. He claimed Mr Moxey Sr started threatening him, so he got mad and “hit him in the back of his head a few times”. Moxey Jr claimed his father got back up “throwing blows”, so he pushed him. He added he realised now he was wrong for how he reacted.

Magistrate Rolle-Davis told the accused his explanation was one of the “strangest things he had heard in a while”. He told the accused if he realised that someone was not in their right frame of mind he should have walked away from the argument. Still, because Moxey Jr pleaded guilty at his first opportunity, he would only put him on six months’ probation. He warned the accused that if he breached the conditions of his release, he would be fined $250.

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