Fight For The Environment

EDITOR, The Tribune.

THE Bahamas is a beautiful country with clean, pristine waters and white sandy beaches. Tourists comes from all over the world to see for themselves if one can swim in waters that are crystal clear.

Fishing is also a big reason why many boaters cruise through our waters and even enjoy flat fishing, deep-sea fishing, and most of all snorkelling, to see a completely new world underwater. The Beginning Of The End said, “See for yourself, this is truly paradise”.

Having said all of that, our sun sea and sand is our only selling point that attracts tourists and sustains our product, contributing, for the most part to our very existence, because if the tourists stop, the Bahamas will eventually stop.

It’s the only game in town!

Therefore, those of us who want to protect these great assets, would scream at the top of our collective voices, gather all of the people who can see the seriousness of the subject, and tell the powers that be, “we do not want oil drilling in The Bahamas!”

Lord knows we cannot afford anything disastrous happening anymore that would damage our beaches, waters, reefs, and kill our fish.

Grand Bahama cannot forget the damage of an oil spill that cannot be cleaned completely. The horror is real and the after affects are enormous.

Bahamians need to get serious. We must support any initiative that lobbies against oil drilling of any kind.



October 14, 2020.


Porcupine 4 days, 10 hours ago

Agreed 100%. Thanks for speaking up.


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