Man Fined $250 Over Marijuana Joints


Tribune Staff Reporter


A man who claimed he found several marijuana joints while walking through a shortcut on his way home from work was fined $250.

Police arrested Elvis Hanna, 39, after they found him with 1.87 ounces of Indian hemp on October 3.

He pleaded guilty to a single count of dangerous drug possession with the intent to supply during his hearing before Deputy Magistrate Andrew Forbes.

The court was told officers were on patrol in the Quakoo Street area when they observed Hanna sitting under a tree.

The prosecution said when the defendant saw the police, he walked towards them and said: “Officers y’all got me,” before handing them several foil wraps.

When the officers conducted a further search of Hanna, they discovered more foil wraps on him. He was subsequently arrested and taken to a nearby station where he admitted to the offence in an interview with police.

During the hearing, Hanna told the magistrate he had just finished cleaning a yard and was on his way home. He said while walking, he took a shortcut and “ended up seeing” a plastic bag full of marijuana cigarettes which he decided to pocket. He claimed by the time he reached the main road, officers had stopped him.

In response, Magistrate Forbes told the defendant if his story was true, he should not have taken something that did not belong to him. He subsequently fined Hanna $250 or three months in prison.

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