Six Months Probation For Unlawful Possession Charge


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 20-year-old man was charged with unlawful possession in the Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

Jordan Ellis appeared before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis after he was found with a compact disk DVD player, which officers had reasonable suspicion to believe he had stolen.

The court was told officers were performing static duties in the John F Kennedy area around 11pm, when they observed a grey van that was parked on the highway for a couple of days. 

The prosecution said that night, the officers also observed a man in another van who appeared to be acting suspicious. As officers approached the vehicle, they noticed a person jump into the black van. They then intercepted the vehicle and informed Ellis that he would be searched. When officers searched the van, they found a CD player which did not fit in the vehicle. As a result, the defendant was arrested. In an interview with police at a nearby station, Ellis claimed he did not know how the CD player got in his van and did not know where it came from.

When given an opportunity to speak during the hearing, Ellis told the magistrate he bought the CD player for $50 for his girlfriend’s car.

After pleading guilty to one count of unlawful possession, he was placed on six months’ probation. Magistrate Rolle-Davis warned him if he breached the conditions of his release, he would spend a month behind bars.

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