Bound To Keep Peace After Girlfriend Attack


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 32-year-old man who assaulted his girlfriend during a domestic dispute earlier this week was bound over to keep the peace for one year.

Caradaro Ramdas appeared before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle Davis yesterday accused of assaulting his girlfriend with a hand saw on November 22.

The court was told that Ramdas’ girlfriend reported to police on Sunday that she was involved in an argument with her boyfriend around 8.30 pm that evening when he attempted to stab her with the saw.

As a result of her complaint, the accused was arrested and taken to a local police station, where he denied the offence.

However, during yesterday’s hearing Ramdas pleaded guilty to the charge. He told the magistrate the incident occurred after he and his girlfriend argued about her moving out of their apartment.

Ramdas claimed to be the sole person contributing to the rent payments.

He said his girlfriend had told him she would leave the apartment and move in with her mother, but didn’t do so – causing him to approach her about the matter.

However, the accused said that in doing so, they became involved in a heated argument when out of anger, he picked up a hand saw.

Ramdas further claimed that he did so “to scare her,” noting that he didn’t harm her.

He also apologised to the magistrate for his actions, saying it was not intentional.

After listening to the accused’s case, Magistrate Rolle Davis ordered him to keep the peace with his girlfriend for 12 months.

Ramdas was told that failure to comply with the order would result in him paying a $1,000 fine or spending 14 days in prison.

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