Man Ordered To Attend Drug Counselling


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 21-year-old man who was found with a quantity of marijuana in his car earlier this week was on Friday ordered to attend drug counselling classes.

Police arrested Zevargo Gaitor after they found a marijuana cigarette along with a quantity of loose marijuana in his vehicle on November 12.

He pleaded guilty during a hearing before Magistrate Ambrose Armbrister.

The prosecution said that day, officers on duty and patrol observed Gaitor driving his Honda Fit vehicle in a suspicious manner. As a result, they beckoned for him to stop and ordered him to exit the vehicle. The defendant was then informed that he would be searched in reference to dangerous drugs and firearms. When officers searched Gaitor’s car, they found the suspected marijuana along with a partially smoked marijuana joint in the driver’s door of the vehicle. Gaitor was subsequently arrested and transported to the Drug Enforcement Unit. In an interview with police there, he admitted to the offence.

When given an opportunity to speak during the hearing, Gaitor told the magistrate he was just released from prison and had picked up his smoking habit while he was incarcerated. He said he wanted to apologise for his actions and insisted he wouldn’t make the same mistake again if he was given a second chance.

As a result, Magistrate Armbrister granted the defendant a conditional discharge on the agreement he would attend drug rehabilitation counselling for six months. He warned Gaitor if he didn’t comply with the conditions of his release, he would be fined $1,500 or sentenced to 12 months in prison.

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