Teens Who Fled Police Fined $500


Tribune Staff Reporter


TWO teenagers who attempted to evade arrest when they were caught on the road after curfew hours were each fined $500 yesterday.

Police arrested Howard Carey, 19, and Alec Culmer, 19, after they found them on Grant Street around 8.25pm on November 4.

They both pleaded guilty to violating the curfew during a hearing before Magistrate Samuel McKinney yesterday.

The court was told that that night officers on mobile patrol saw the two accused riding in a vehicle that was headed east on Dorsett Street. When the officers beckoned for them to stop, the accused made attempts to evade police and a high speed chase followed. The prosecution said when the car stopped, Culmer left the vehicle and attempted to run away. The court was also told that the officers managed to detain Carey, who told them he lived in the yard where the car had stopped.

When given an opportunity to speak during the hearing, Carey told the magistrate that he had planned to stay at Culmer’s home that night. Culmer on the other hand, claimed the police tried to stop them before the curfew started.

However, Magistrate McKinney told them he did not believe their explanations. As a result he fined them $500 each. If they fail to pay the fine they could risk spending three months behind bars.

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