Two Month Sentence For Assault And Threatening To Kill


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 41-year-old man who punched one man in the face and threatened to kill another man in two separate incidents was sentenced to two months in prison on Friday. 

Police arrested Olando Miller after John and Karen Williams told officers Miller threatened to kill them on July 3.

During his arraignment before Assistant Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain on Friday, Miller was also accused of assaulting Cedric Johnson on November 4.

He denied threatening to kill Ms Williams four months ago, but pleaded guilty to threatening Mr Williams and assaulting Mr Johnson.

During the hearing, Miller told the magistrate he threatened to kill Mr Williams because they had a “little running on”. He also claimed he punched Mr Johnson in his mouth, because he had told him to stay off his farm but he wouldn’t listen.

After listening to his explanations, Magistrate Swain sentenced the defendant to two months in prison. 

Since Miller denied threatening Ms Williams, Magistrate Swain adjourned that matter for trial on January 19.

On Friday, another man appeared before the magistrate for a similar offence.

Emmanuel Knowles, 31, was accused of assaulting his girlfriend and damaging her vehicle on November 3.

The court heard when Knowles’ girlfriend came home around 9.15pm on the night in question, the defendant asked her where she had been. The prosecution said when Knowles’ girlfriend failed to respond, he beat her about her body in a jealous rage, and damaged her Honda Accord vehicle.

After pleading guilty to the offences, Knowles told Magistrate Swain his actions were a “crime of passion”. He claimed he had problems with his girlfriend coming home after curfew hours and had gotten agitated at that point in time.

He was subsequently fined $1,100 for the offences. He was further ordered to compensate his girlfriend for her damaged car and assaulting her. If Knowles fails to pay the fines, he will spend three months in custody. Magistrate Swain also said if the defendant does not compensate his girlfriend, he could risk spending an additional 30 days on remand.

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