Man Gets Nine Months For Breaking Into Bar And Stealing


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 38-year-old man who broke into a bar and stole an assortment of items was sentenced to nine months in prison on Friday.

Police said Jimmy Thompson broke into Almond Tree Bar sometime between September 16 and 17 and stole $1,959 worth of items, including a Samsung TV, a laptop and several packs of Grabba Leaf.

He pleaded guilty to shop breaking and stealing during a hearing before Assistant Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain.

During his arraignment, he was charged alongside Brandon Glinton, who was accused of dishonestly receiving the Samsung TV around the time the device was reported stolen. He also admitted to the offence brought against him.

The prosecution said the complainant told police that some unknown persons had broken into their bar and stolen an assortment of items. As a result of their complaint, an investigation was launched. This led to the arrest of both Thompson and Glinton who were subsequently charged with the offences.

When given an opportunity to speak, Thompson alleged he was beaten while in police custody. He claimed he was assaulted with a “rusty cutlass” and had a bag placed over his head. Thompson also told the magistrate he had a three-year-old daughter and was the sole caretaker of his household. The accused said his little girl hadn’t eaten for the week because he had gotten arrested on his way to the shop. 

During his plea in mitigation, Glinton told Magistrate Swain he made a “terrible error in judgement” when he received the stolen television. He claimed his current work status was “barely maintaining his family” and said he only committed the offence after he saw an opportunity to get a TV for his son. He insisted he had no idea the device was stolen until officers came to his house that day.

As a result, after listening to their explanations, Magistrate Swain accepted the defendants’ guilty pleas and sentenced Thompson to nine months at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services. Glinton on the other hand was fined $500 or three months behind bars. 

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