Pair Plead Guilty On Drugs Charge



TWO men were arraigned in Magistrate’s Court yesterday for dangerous drug possession after officers found a quantity of Indian hemp at their respective homes.

Navada Nairn, 43, appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes after officers found 11 grams of Indian hemp at his residence on May 25. He pleaded guilty and was put on 12 months probation. If he fails to be of good behaviour during that time, he will be sentenced to six months in prison.

Prosecutor Kenny Thompson told the court around 4.25pm on Monday, officers, acting on information, went to Nairn’s residence armed with a search warrant. Sgt Thompson said the officers then went to the defendant’s front gate and informed him that they would be conducting a search. While searching the residence, the officers discovered a black plastic bag containing suspected marijuana in one of the rooms. Nairn was subsequently arrested and taken to a nearby police station, where he admitted to the offence in an interview with police. According to the prosecution, the drugs had an estimated street value of $60.

During the hearing, Nairn was represented by attorney Jomo Campbell. He told the magistrate his client had no pending matters and did not waste the court’s time by pleading guilty at his first opportunity. He also asked Magistrate Forbes to consider Nairn’s “relatively young age,” and to temper justice with mercy by not imposing a custodial sentence.

Kato Ferguson, 43, also appeared before Magistrate Forbes after officers found 14 grams of Indian hemp in his home on May 26. He also pleaded guilty and was fined $300 or one month in prison.

Prosecutor Thompson said around 2.30pm that day, officers, acting on information, proceeded to Ferguson’s residence. When the defendant opened his front door, he was shown the search warrant. During the search, the officers found a silver container containing suspected marijuana on a dresser drawer in the eastern bedroom of Ferguson’s home. Sgt Thompson said the drugs had an estimated street value of $70.

When given an opportunity to speak, Ferguson told the magistrate he only smoked because he used to suffer from asthma attacks and after he started smoking marijuana, he “never had asthma again.” He also said he only smoked in his house and would send somebody else to purchase the drugs for him because he didn’t want to get into problems.

In response, Magistrate Forbes told Ferguson regardless of whether he smoked indoors or outside, his actions were still illegal. He also told the defendant he should consider whether it was more important to smoke or to avoid breaking the law.


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