Trip For Some Snacks Ends Up Costing $400



A MAN who claimed he violated the lockdown because he was trying to withdraw cash from an ATM to buy some snacks from the store before it closed was fined $400 yesterday.

Charles Eneas, 46, appeared before Magistrate Andrew Forbes after officers found him on West Bay Street around 4.53pm on May 9. He pleaded guilty and was fined $400 which he paid that same day.

Prosecutor Lakesia Moss told the court on the day in question, officers were performing static duty on Nassau Street and West Bay Street when they observed a grey Skyline vehicle travelling north. Inspector Moss said the officers beckoned for the vehicle to stop and questioned the driver, who identified himself as Charles Eneas. He told the officers that he was heading to the Bank of the Bahamas ATM at Arawak Cay to get funds to purchase medication for his mother.

When the officers asked the accused if he could name the type of medication his mother used, he could not answer.

Eneas also told police that he had not called the COVID-19 hotline before leaving his house. As a result, he was arrested and taken to a nearby station. During an interview with police, he told the officers that he had only violated the lockdown because he needed to get money to go to the pharmacy and buy snacks and water from the shop before it closed.

Three men also appeared before Magistrate Ambrose Armbrister for lockdown violations.

45-year-old Jasmin Brave was charged after officers found him on Peter Street around 8.55pm on May 10. He pleaded guilty and was fined $500 or six months at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services. Prosecutor Kenny Thompson said at the time of his arrest, Brave told the officers he had run out of water at home and had gone out to get some more.

Jamaio Johnson, 22, and Ashton Lopez, 21, were also charged after officers found them on Peter Street around 8.40pm.

During the hearing, Johnson said that he was not aware of the 24-hour curfew and was under the impression the 9pm-5am curfew was still in effect. Lopez also told the magistrate that their electricity was off at home and they had no water in the house so he went “through the corner” to buy a soda, some water and a pack of cigarettes from a guy named ‘Scratchy’ who sold things from his home.

They both pleaded guilty and were each fined $500 or six months at BDCS.

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