Woman Admits Damaging Ex-Boyfriend's Car



A WOMAN was charged yesterday with damaging her ex-boyfriend’s car after she found him at home with two naked women.

Malanda Francois, 21, appeared before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis charged with one count of damage after she broke the front windshield of Chino Dean’s 2002 Ford Focus coupe on September 9, 2019.

She pleaded guilty and was ordered to pay Mr Dean $376.88 to compensate for his broken windshield.

Prosecutor Kenny Thompson said on the day in question, Mr Dean came to the station to report that his ex-girlfriend had come to his residence on foot and vandalised his car with a large stone, causing his windshield to shatter. Sgt Thompson said Mr Dean also claimed Francois kicked his right mirror and stabbed all of his tyres. As a result, Francois was arrested and taken to the Grove Police Station. During an interview with police, she admitted to damaging Mr Dean’s windshield.

During the hearing, Francois denied kicking Mr Dean’s mirror and slashing his tyres. Instead, she told Magistrate Rolle-Davis she had only broken his windshield because the two had been dating for three years and she had come home that day and met him in the house with two naked women.

After ordering Francois to repay Mr Dean for the car damage, Magistrate Rolle-Davis also urged the defendant to “keep the peace” with her ex-boyfriend. He told her if she happened to see Mr Dean on the left, she should turn and go right.

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